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"I will never hurt you"

- most ain't shit niggas

DECEMBER 21, 2021

I cried as I laid in the dark. The nightmare that I had endured previous was that serious for me. I hated that I didn't kill him every time I had the chance.

You're a dumb bitch.

I know.

You should've killed him on your way to Italy. Could've framed it as Drunken Accident.

I know.

Or you could've stabbed him on your first heist. Self defense.

"I KNOW!" I sobbed gaining a headache. The door creaked open so I wiped my tears.

He didn't say anything as the door closed. I felt a dip in my bed growing intense.

He laid down under the covers as I held them tighter. He replaced the covers in my hands with his and made me lean into his chest.

I could feel his steady heart beat on my back causing me to calm down a little bit until a little bit turned into a lot and I turned around to look at him.

"I'm sick of you crying. I got you." He said pulling me into him more than before as I closed my eyes.

I wiped my eyes and yawned and said, "I don't believe in promises."  Before I ended up falling asleep listening to his heart beat steadily.

In the morning he was no longer in my room. I was also no longer attached to my bed but I was locked in my room.

He hadn't fed me all day but with the conjoined bathroom I was able to go that way so I was good on that part just starving.

I paced as I heard footsteps approach my room door. I was prepared to go off on him for letting me starve and not bring me my pills yet.

It was whatever though. I don't need them.

Yes you do dumb bitch.

Shut the fuck up, yo.

My door opened and before I can go off I noticed it was a fucking female. And not Cuban. "This the bitch they was talking about?! This the bitch you fucking now!"


"FUCK CUBAN THAT BITCH'ON SCARE ME!" I'm guessing Keisha yelled at him as they both walked further in my room.

I just sat there quite. My name ain't been popped up in there so, I'm not in it.


"You need to go step out and find the bitch you suppose to be yelling at cause I know it ain't me sweety." I chuckled. "I'm crazier than Madea bitch, I will kill you." I said serious.


Look it's not even my fault. I hate fighting. I hate fighting for one reason and that reason only.

When I fight, I aim to kill, destroy, or rock some shit each. And every. Time.

And I give bitches one chance to go back and think about whether they wanna stay alive and healthy. They don't take that chance. None of them ever want to take that chance.

"Chicha get off of her!" Oscar the Grouch yelled like a maniac as I bashed her head in with my fist.

I loved the fact that the blood from her mouth and nose kept on seeping and running out. I loved how the liquid stained my shirt and how my adrenaline was pumping.

I'm crazy as hell.

When he finally got me off of her, he dragged her out the bedroom and out the house and left me in there to suffer.

At least I could shower the blood off me but I had to air dry waiting for him to come back.

I found myself laughing at how she was screaming for him to help her. He even let me get my way with it until he seen her blood.

Her fault.

"Chicha get out the shower so I can talk to you." He knocked on the door so I swang it opened with my towel wrapped around my body.

"I need my pills, and my fucking clothes, I'm tired of smelling AXE it's making my head hurt and hows bae?"

"One, I got my lil nigga doing that, Two I'm not finna go all the way to Atlanta-"

"What you mean all the way to Atlanta? Where am I?" I asked him with a mug.

"You in my home. Harlem, New York."

"New York!? What the fuck? Why am I here!?"

"Its my home. I got business and shit to handle out here I was only in Atlanta for a little while." I sat on the bed with one leg across the other.

"I want my clothes and Bronx in here and my fucking car."

"What you need a car for you ain't leaving."

"To hell I am."

"To hell you ain't! And to make sure you ain't I got this for you. Consider it a gift." He said throwing me a box.

I looked at him without touching it. "What is it?"

"Open the box and see." He said in a snarky tone causing me to roll my eyes.

I opened the box and low and behold a necklace with the word "Chicha" engraved in the rectangle.

"Why do you even call me that?" I asked looking at it.

"You remind me of Chicha from Kronks New Groove." He laughed walking up to me taking the necklace from my hands.

"My name is Milan. Or India to you Oscar the Grouch." He chuckled getting behind me as I moved my wet hair.

"Don't call me that only East."

"East don't fit you. Grumpy old troll does." I laughed as he started to choke me with the necklace. "Fine." He stopped and snapped it on my neck.
"At least tell me ya real name."

"No. You can't take off the necklace if you do it'll burn. Only I can take it off. I got two people coming back home tomorrow and you will care for them when I'm not here-"

"Does this mean I can leave?"

"Not in my car so sure you wanna walk you can it's just gets really cold in New York-"

"I know. I was born and raised in the Bronx." I moved away from him.

He smirked looking at me. "I didn't ask. And I'm hungry."

"Go cook you some." I mugged him laying back down.

"That's not my job no more ma."

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