Welcome the Family

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Cy shivered from more than the cold when he climbed out of the passenger's seat of the Firebird. One-hundred thousand lent their voices to an eerie song with no chorus. He leaned against the car to keep his balance and Az helped him to the door of the bar.

"Something's wrong," Cy whispered as a group of Humans passed them, laughing. The death blows marred their Vessels in a sad shade of electric blue and all unaware they were dead.

"Yeah, they shouldn't be." Az pushed him towards the door and they slipped in with the Humans.

The voices had been replaced by Avenged Sevenfold's Welcome to the Family and Raven's head jerked towards the door.

"Okay, that wasn't supposed to happen," Az whispered, and the door slammed closed behind them.

Eyeshine trained on Cy and the attention made his skin crawl. The Order from Wynter House occupied the dance floor and their anger at his presence rippled away from them in strange colored patterns.

The music changed and Avenged Sevenfold was replaced with P.O.D.. Connor stepped out of the darkness and Lucah followed.

"It's happening again," someone whispered.

Az urged Cy behind the bar and Raven backed him into the wall. "Raven?" Cy rested his chin on Raven's shoulder.


A tall Panther with black hair that hung to his elbows moved to stand in front of the back exit to the bar and Raven sat a bottle of tequila on the wood as Connor sat down.

"Son, Raven needs a mate. You can't stop him from feeding and then expect him to keep going," Connor said as he opened the bottle.

"Raven has a mate. He's Order, so what does it matter, anyway?" Lucah asked and Cy slid his arms around Raven's waist. "Scot's the only one that counts, dad. I am mated to Justice."

"You're mated to War, son. I don't know what you did, but I will fix it." Connor took a long swallow from the bottle and stood again. "I'm goin' to bed."

Lucah glared after their dad and shrieked like a petulant child who had just been told no. The man stomped his foot and an unsuspecting female carrying an empty drink tray got too close. Raven kissed Cy on the mouth, pushed him to the floor, and told him to stay down.

Wood splintered, glasses shattered, and blood splattered the wall above Cy's head. It dripped down, soaking the back of his shirt, but he stayed still. Blonde hair slapped him in the face and Cy stared at the head when it came to a rest. Brown eyes watched him, unseeing, and Cy flinched.

This is your fault! The Source is punishing us because of you! Echoed through his colors and he closed his eyes, falling into the nightmare of his prison.

"I know you're awake, but you won't be for long. It doesn't matter. You'll die soon."

Why? Cy thought as amber eyes not so different from his mother's stared back at him. White hot pain shot through his belly, and he screamed, but only through the colors.

"Now, I have my majick back. You can't change history without repercussions, Cyan. Enjoy your eternity."

Who are you?

"Lucah Summer FeLiSe, Ether, and the true mate of Gemini."

Not both of them, Cy replied.

"Oh, yes, little brother. Raven loved me once and he will again," Lucah smiled, and slapped his palm to Cy's forehead. The memories flowed before he could hide them, and Lucah nodded. "I see. Oh, I can definitely be the man they want. You were just the whore Raven gave himself to, when you stole my majick. A little help from the devil himself goes a long way, brother."

"Nyx! You played them all against themselves!" Cy whispered.

"I did, and you handled your part beautifully," Lucah smiled. "Thank you for consummating it. One less thing I have to worry about."

Lucah jerked the blade out and the warmth of Cy's blood poured from the wound. Oh gods, no! Cy thought.

"Oh, yes." Lucah smiled. "Celare eum."

The ground rose up around him, and he smelled the incense of his kin. The ashes mixed with the stone and mortar of his prison.

The thoughts from the Essences around him pounded against his skull and his heart pounded louder, desperate to drown them out. The faces of the dead flew at him glaring, as if that would stop the bloodspell Lucah cast.

You put us here! The Source is punishing us! It's your fault! Whore!

He didn't know how long the fight lasted, but when the head disappeared, someone plucked him from the floor. Raven's scent didn't quite overwhelm the stench of death or the blood that painted him red.

"Are you hurt?" Raven asked.

"I shouldn't have come," Cy whispered.

"Cy, focus." Raven's warm timbre wove around him and he blinked. Raven's face wore a concerned expression and Cy cupped his cheek.

"Lucah took my majck, my Lueur."

"Yeah, don't think so." Raven smiled.


Cy peered around his mate and the brown eyes that had triggered his nightmare were watching them both with a sense of curiosity. She was pretty and reminded Cy of a Tiger he'd known a long time ago.

"Hey, Lily. Crow and I will clean this up. You and Alex can go home," Raven answered.

She rubbed her neck, but the death blow wasn't there. Several Humans were leaning on one another as they stumbled to the door leading to the parking lot. They were all apologizing to Raven on their way by.

Az stood beside the door, arms folded over his chest, and glaring as the customers mumbled apologies to him, too.

"Rave? Where in the hell are we?" Connor leaned against the bar and Raven silently cursed. Cy touched his forehead to his.

Shh. We'll fix it.

If we can, Az thought.

It took an hour, but Raven didn't let Cy move after setting him on the bar. Cy listened to the discussion between the Panther and Connor, who paid no attention to Cy or Az. Their own father didn't know who they were.

Cy tracked Raven's movement as his mate pulled everything together again. At one point, Raven vanished into a darkened corner and Cy began to freak. After five minutes of thinking Cy had lost him, Raven walked out smiling.

"Places, now," Raven said and Cy didn't know what that meant.

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