Chapter 14

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My fists balled at my sides in anger and I could feel my face heating up.
"Out of all the things.... I just screamed and yelled about. That's what you picked up on?!?! The fact that I didn't comment on that stupid fucking dream you put in my head?! What the hell is wrong with you?!"
That signature smirk appeared back on his face. He took a step towards me, and another. And another. Until my thighs were pressed against the side of my bed in attempts to get away from him. I stood my ground, glaring at him as he leaned closer to me, so we were nose to nose.
"The only thing I put in your head. Was a picture of us in bed together. So that whole three and a half kids, perfect happy life, that was all you. THAT is why I focus on that dream of yours. I could care less about how you think our marriage is going to work because I know you'll eventually fall for me. So ask me again Iva. What's wrong with me? Because if you really think this is all my doing, you should be asking what's wrong with you."

I lost my ground.

I sat on my bed, defeated. What is wrong with me? First I was super accepting of the fact that demons were real. Then I didn't do anything to stop him. I let him corrupt me. I felt tears pricking at the corners of my eyes. Seth's face softened and he got on his knees in front of me. He put a hand on me knee.
"I'll tell you what's wrong with you... absolutely nothing. You are perfect and understanding. Nothing can keep you down. You are my queen, and always will be. Not my slave. And yes, I might have a little bit of a temper-"
I gave him a look and he rephrased his words, moving hair from my eyes.
"Okay a lot a bit of a temper. But still. I know you don't feel the same right now. And maybe you won't feel the exact same way I do, ever. But one day, I can only hope, you'll love me."
He pressed his lips to my cheek and stood up straight.
"I'll keep doing you homework. And you'll still have your powers."
I furrowed my brows and tried to ask him what he meant, but he lightly touched two fingers to my forehead and I slipped into unconsciousness.


I peeled my eyes open and stretched in my bed.
I shook my head and looked around. What was that? I pushed the covers off my legs. Where was Seth? He usually starts bothering me as soon as I get up. I walked toward my bathroom.
Seriously? What is going on? I could swear I keep hearing my name. I pressed my palms into my eyes harshly, seeing stars. I blinked before looking into my mirror, it looked weird. Then it moved. I hadn't but my reflection did.
Iva! Listen to me!
"What the hell?!"
I took a step back as my reflection pressed her palms to the glass and kept talking.
Iva! Listen, this must seem strange but I promise it'll make sense eventually! Seth is gonna disappear! But don't give up on him!
The room shifted and I was back in the room from my 'future' with Seth.
"Oh haha Seth. This is real funny."
This isn't Seth. This is us! Iva, I am you. That dream wasn't a dream, it was the literal future. You have to trust me! We don't have much time! I don't even know if you'll remember this when you wake up! Don't give up on him! Don't let him disappear! You need to remember this!
Everything started to fade as I just stared at myself in the mirror. What the actual hell is going on?

I woke up a few hours later, well-rested and confused. I felt like there was something wrong. It was quiet. Seth wasn't here. And that dream... it was so weird. I needed to talk to someone, who won't think I'm crazy. There was only one person who came to mind. I sat up quickly and got dressed. There wasn't school so I knew I was going to have to find her. There was a Starbucks in the center of town I know she used to go to. Maybe she still does. I leaned over the staircase to yell.
"Mom! Can you drive me to Starbucks in the center?"
"I thought you hated Starbucks!"
"I do. I'm meeting a friend."
I heard the car start as I pulled on my shoes. I really hope she still goes there. I thanked my mom and jumped out of the car. I saw her staring at a empty tea cup. Itook a deep breath, sitting across from her.
"Iva. Long time no see. Its about time you got here."
"You were expecting me? I don't understand Serena."
"The leaves told me you needed help. I do not know what with. We were friends once, then I got into the arts and we grew apart. Here, give me your hand."
She grabbed my hand and examined my palm. She traced a couple of lines, then her eyebrows knit together. She dropped my hand and peered back into her teacup. She started muttering to herself. An employee came by and placed another cup of tea in front of her. She pushed it to me and told me to quickly drink it. As soon as I was done she grabbed it from me.
"I can't- tell me why you are here."
"I've been having these dreams. They seem super real and I don't understand what they are. I was hoping you could help..."
She searched in her bag and pulled out some cards. She spread them out.
"Pick three. I can't get a read off anything."
I picked one out of her hands. She grabbed it from my hands before I could see it. I went and grabbed another. She grabbed it again.
"One more. Please."
I grabbed it and flipped it over, there were two naked people and an angel. She held out her hand for the card.
"Listen, three tarot cards. Typically its past, present, and future. Now they typically have a lot of different meanings."
I nodded and she placed down the first one. It was a picture of a cartoonish devil.
"This is the devil. It was the first card you picked. Which would be the past. Typically would mean a choice in the past is stopping you from moving forward."
Or it means the king of hell. As in Seth. She kept talking about the card and what it could mean.
"Serena, I don't mean to be rude but I didn't come here for a tarot card reading. I wanted your opinion on these dreams."
"I believe they're premonitions. Visions of the future, possibly from yourself. I'm not sure."
She flipped over the next card, it looked like a skeleton with on a horse. I knew that card. It terrified me.
"This, is the Death card. I can see that it scares you, but it usually doesn't mean death, but a change. It was also in the present space. Which could happen in a couple of hours or a few years. So present isn't really present. And last. You picked the Lovers card. You already saw this one. It usually means a choice. Now-"
"No. Thank you, but I know what these all mean. Serena. What do I do about these premonitions, I want them to stop. Or at least make more sense."
She nodded and pulled out a leather bound book. She flipped open to a page, then another. She ran her fingers through her hair, then muttered something to herself.
"I can't help without know the full extent of them. What was the latest premonition?"
"This morning, in a similar setting to other ones, except I was alone. And my reflection was different, I was older and it moved on its own. It told me not to-"
I hesitated about telling her about Seth. I knew that she'd believe me, but it was an issue of her geeking out or telling someone. But she needs to help.
"Not to lose him. And not to give up on him. And I thought it was just a random thing, but when I woke up he was gone. And the mirror me, said he would be. I don't know what to do."
"Who is he?"
"His name is Seth. He's uh... he's-"
"The king of hell. So, the cards-"
"Are literal. He wants to marry me."
She had a look of astonishment on her face, and looked back at the cards on the table. Particularly, the one in the middle. Death. She drummed her fingers on the table and motioned for another tea.
"The leaves make more sense now. As well as your palm. The life line was like anything I'd seen. Bad luck and good luck, and it seemed as though you had two lives. Like you die and come back. The tea leaves clumped, leaving no available information. I don't want to scare you but, your fate is set out for you. You will marry him. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but eventually."
I could feel myself start to hyperventilate. I didn't have a choice. I thought life was about free will. I stood up and walked into the bathroom. Tears pricked at my eyes, and I braced myself on a sink. I splashed water in my face to calm down. The door opened behind me.
"I didn't mean to scare you. I'm sorry."
I nodded. Serena meant well. I texted my mom and asked her to come pick me up.
"Thank you for your help Serena. I have to go and figure out how to handle this. I'll talk to you monday."
She waved and I headed straight for the door. I needed to talk to Seth. I had to find him. I had to. Its been a day.

And I miss him.

As soon as I got home I rushed into my room.
"Seth! Seth where are you?"
Nothing. There was no smug response. No smirk as he materialized in my room. Nothing. I plopped down on my bed. I need to talk to him.
Bzzt bzzt
My phone went off, I didn't feel like checking it. I was having my own problems and I don't want to deal with anybody.
Bzzt bzzt
I was ready to put my phone on silent. I just wanted to be alone. It was Saturday, a no contact day.
🎶 Say hello to my little friend. It's me! I am my little friend!🎶
Ben. I snorted a little bit and picked up the phone.
"Did you not get my texts?!"
"I hadn't looked at them yet. I don't wanna socialize. What's up?"
"What the hell happened yesterday? I was in math class then I was in the forest with you an hour and a half later! I just don't know where that hour went! You need to explain!"
"Ben, I- I just. I can't."
There was an angry silence. Then a click, him hanging up. I felt a tear fall from the corner of my eye. I'm losing. My mind, my friend, my life. I covered my mouth with my hand, trying not to cry. I rolled over and closed my eyes. I can't handle this right now. I can't handle anything. I felt a light brush on my cheek, wiping away my tears. I took a shaky breath in, and the bed behind me dipped. Like someone was laying next to me. He wrapped an arm around my waist and I let out a sob. I rolled over and buried my face in his chest. Crying my eyes out.
"I'm sorry Iva. I'm sorry. This is my fault."
"Please. Stay with me."
He continued apologizing until I fell asleep.

I woke up to sunlight streaming into my eyes. I shifted my head on my pillow, or what I thought was my pillow. I quickly realized it was Seth's chest, and that we were in the same position we were in after my first premonition. He tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. I don't think he knew I was awake.
"What am I going to do? I can't live without you, but you want nothing to do with me. I'm gonna have to deal with it. I'll leave. Once you have some water, and I know you're okay. I'll always look out for you."
I gripped his shirt with the hand that was over his stomach. He froze.
"Don't. Please."
Seth put his hand on my shoulder and leaned down towards me, kissing my forehead. I opened my eyes further, and tilted my head to look at him.
"Don't leave. We'll try this. But we have to progress. And you have to meet my parents. As a person, and we can't do whatever this is in front of them."
"Whatever this is, is called cuddling I'm pretty sure."
"Well. Whatever, but still. Don't dissapear on me like that. It sucked."
"I bet."
We just layed there in silence for while. I don't know for how long, or what time it was. I just sat there listening to the beat of his heart. Every once in a while he'd tighten his hold on me, and kiss me on the forehead. Like he was making sure I was still there.
"You know, I don't actually know what happened in that dream of yours the other day. Wanna tell me about it?"
"We were married. With kids. 3 of them. And happy. Plus I was pregnant, which was a weird feeling for a dream. I didn't want to get up. I asked you to help me, and you started to carry me to the bathroom. Two of our kids got into a fight. I supermom-ed that shit. Then I woke up."
He smiled.
"How old were they? How old were you?"
"Jeez. Um, our oldest was maybe 9? Our youngest was like 3. I was maybe 30? That seems right. I think."
Serena thinks that these were premonitions. If thats true I'm gonna be pregnant in 5 years. And I'd hope I didn't get pregnant before being married. I'm 16. I'm too young to be married. Seth sensed my panic.
"Hey, we'll take it at your pace."
"I went and saw a friend of mine. She's a witch. She thinks they're premonitions."
He stiffened for a second, then stroked my hair. It felt weird but it was oddly soothing.
"I don't like witches."
"And I don't like douchebags but here we are."
"Did you just call me a douchebag?"
I nodded and let out a giggle.
"Oh I don't think so."
He dug his fingers into my sides, tickling me. I let out a shriek and tried to roll away from him. He moved and hovered above my hips so I couldn't escape. I continued to laugh and shriek until I could barely breathe. He stopped so I could catch my breath.
"You know I was only joking when I called you a douchebag right?"
Seth nodded and brushed a strand of hair away from my mouth. He slowly leaned closer to me, so our noses were barely touching.
"I read that it means more to a girl when you ask if you can kiss her. I figure, if I want to win you over then I should follow human customs. So, with that being said. Can I kiss you?"
He took the time to learn how humans work. My heart swelled. I nodded and pressed my lips to his, it was small and sweet. He pulled away, and I could tell I had a goofy smile on my face. He smiled at me, and I could see the wheels in his head turning.
"Marry me."

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