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Yoongi (25 y/o) x Jimin (23 y/o)



*Yoongi's POV*

I wake up at the feeling of the sun in my face. I groan and bury my head in my pillow to get some more sleep, when i remember what day it is. I grab my phone to see the time. '12:32 pm'

I also see a message from jimin.

My Jiminie❤️
Hey, happy two years
anniversary, i love you❤️

I smile upon seeing the message. That's right, jimin and i are two years in a relationship now.

Hey babe, happy anniversary,
i love you 2❤️

My Jiminie❤️
What are we going to do? ☺️

You'll see:)
Just make sure you're ready
at 8 pm. I'll pick you up.

My Jiminie❤️
Okay ^-^

After reading the message i walk to my closet, grab some clothes and take a shower.

(Time skip after taking a shower and having breakfast)

I put on my shoes and coat. Grab my car keys and walk to my car. I start my car and ride to the place where my idiotic friends decided to meet up.

'Oh look there he is!' Hoseok shouts really loud.

I walk towards my friends, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jin hyung, Taehyung and Jungkook. And as usual am i the last one to arrive.

'Finally, jeez hyung how slow are you?'
Jungkook asks irritated.

'Chill, it's not like i'm gonna hurry for you idiots.' I said back while smirking at jungkook, who chuckles.

'Whatever. Anyways what do you have in mind? How do you wanna propose to Jimin?' Namjoon asks.

'I'm not really sure, i want it to be special tho..'
I said while thinking deeply how i could do it.

'Wait! I have an ide- '

'Save it, i don't want a weird ass proposal.'
I cut Taehyung off, and he pouts right after.

'Don't worry Taehyung-ah, i bet it was a really great idea!' Hoseok says to cheer Taehyung up, which always seems to work.

'We'll think of that later, lets first buy a ring.'
Jin speaks wisely.

'Alright hyung.'

And with that we leave the cafe, and make our way towards a jewelry store.

*Jimin's POV*

I wake up at the sounds of birds and the son coming through my curtains. Realizing what day it is. 22-06, the anniversary day from yoongi and i!

I immediately grab my phone to text him.

Hey, happy two years
anniversary, i love you❤️

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