Chapter One

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My head hurts when I woke up like someone had squeeze my brain. Ray of light escaped between the curtain windows making the room more visible. Canopy with a light cloth of color white hanging above me, it falls at both sides of the bed.

I suddenly froze when I realized that I wasn't alone on the bed. Turning my head, a young man who's around his early twenties was sleeping soundly beside me. I should be screaming as of now but my brain told the way around, my heart was calm as fuck. I had a one night stand with this guy, a handsome guy, and I was fucked up calm.

As I stared closely to his face, he looked familiar to me. I couldn't point out why.

My head started to throb again but this time it was more painful.

The young man opened his eyes that were full of coldness. He started to speak but I couldn't understand with my head hurting more and more as seconds passed by.

Then I remembered. I remember him. I looked at him with teary eyes, placing my shaky hand over his face. "Nick," I called his name with gasping sound before I blanked out.


I have been awake for more than an hour, without any much movement I stared at the nothingness in front of me. This room, this house, this world, and this body, I hate every single of them. Nausea hit me, I immediately took the wooden pail beside the bed and puked. I breathe heavily through my mouth, gripping the pail tightly.

A maid entered the room and was welcomed by the smell of my puke that made her stop for a second before continuing. She opened the window letting the cold breeze of morning air inside. She then gave me a cup of water, I used it to wash my mouth, spitting the water inside the pail ever slowly for I did not like the idea of having puke on my face.

With a blank face, the maid wiped my mouth with clean damped cloth, took the pail in my hands and exited the room quiet and fast.

I curled myself into a ball. I didn't want to be here. I should be dead, drowned inside the car with Nick and our baby.

     These memories came flashing while I was asleep. I have two memories of my lives, Catriona's and Catherine's. Both of them were polar opposites in some ways.

     I heard the door swung open.

     "You, how long will you stay in that bed?" The person said. He was the last person I wanted to see.

     Anger and anguish mixed within me. The way he called me made my hands rolled into a fist. I looked at him with glaring eyes under the veil of my pale blonde hair.

    Why does this person have the same face as Nick?

"Why don't you mind your own fucking business," I said with hoarseness in my voice.

He was taken aback, he didn't expect me to rebut that way. The girl threw herself at his feet begging for his attention was no longer alive. I will not be the old Catriona everyone knew, a stupid girl who had fall over heels to this bastard and gave her whole self just to become broken. I will not forge myself on killing his lover for revenge but something better and wiser.

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