21 - Deja vu

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Love, Lia

It was funny how the body worked. How it reacted to different situations. Like how the brain knew it was in danger, but the body was as calm as usual. Even though Nora sat there, gave to face with her future killer, her captor, she felt no fear. Even though her brain screamed at her to run, to be afraid, she felt nothing, not as much as a tremble or a quickening of the heart. No, she numb. Cut off from any emotion. All she could do was to sit there and stare into those ocean blue eyes, wondering what was hiding behind them. James hadn't said much. Mostly he had just watched her with a smug look on his face, as a hunter studied its prey after catching it. Nora wanted to wipe the smile of his face, claw those eyes out of their sockets, stop them from haunting her. But instead she was tied down to the chair, unable to move anything but her head.

"Are you just going to sit there?" Nora finally said, breaking the silence. James cocked an eyebrow, smirking, a dangerous glimpse flashing in his eyes.

"What would you prefer I'd do, love? Looking for some action?"

"You are absolutely vile." James threw his feet up on his desk and placed his hands behind his head.

"I know, it's part of my charm." She wanted to tell him that he had no charms, that he was just an empty shell, a monster. But Nora knew it would make no difference, and she refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing her in any other state than indifferent. Instead she passed the time towards her awaiting death by starring out the small windows. It was light by now, nothing but ocean as far as the eye could see. Briefly Nora wondered about Jonathan. Had he survived the night? Was he hurt? Or had he gotten away just in time? She hoped that he'd been away when the pirates came. That he was still free and unharmed. That the only one who had met a cruel fate during the night was herself. The thought of her friend finding his was back to the capital, that he got to come home, gave her peace of mind as she sat there in the cabin, only mere feet apart from her killer.

"How did you find me?" Another silence passed before Nora spoke once more.

"Pirates always have a way of finding things, love. Especially a treasure such as yourself." James got up from his seat by the desk. The thud of his boots hitting the floor echoed in the otherwise silent cabin. Slowly he paced back and forth, speaking as he walked. "You see, some men tell tales when given gold, and some men tell tales when they have been... persuaded." James smiled a sly smile. "And pirates are excellent at persuading." His smile grew bigger as he walked over to Nora and crouched down in front of her. "And thanks to that little talent, we soon knew exactly where to find you." James ended the sentence by swiftly touching her nose with his finger before he let out a nerv wrecking laugh.

"What about Jonathan?" Nora managed to get out as she swallowed down her nausea. James cocked an eyebrow.

"Jonathan?" He looked confused for a second. "Ah, your little soldier friend. Well... it's a shame really. I had a special ending in mind for him, but unfortunately we couldn't find him." Nora drew an inner sigh of relief, wishing desperately that James words were true.

"But then again, you were quite the consolation price." Slowly James ran a finger down her cheek, slowly cupping her face in his hand, holding it almost gentle. "Such a pretty price as well. Too bad you'll be dead soon." There were so many things Nora could've said, so many things she could've done. But words could not describe the hate she felt for the man before her. How fiercely her bones burned with fury. So instead, she spat him right in the face.

Watching her saliva slowly run down his cheek was more satisfying than she'd thought it would be. The expression on James's face was even better. Stunned for a few seconds he froze, before he wiped it away in one angry stroke.

"Keep it up, love" he sneered. "I love myself a challenge."

"I'm not afraid of you." Nora lifted her head in defiance, staring into his eyes, refusing to surrender to him.

"Oh, really?" James got a glance of something dangerous in his eyes. With one swift movement, he moved his hand from the side of her face to her throat and then pushed hard. "Then why do I feel your pulse beating faster for every second that I'm near you?" Nora could feel her airways shutting. She could no longer breathe as James's grip around her throat was too hard. She tried to speak but nothing but gasps came out.

"Finding it hard to speak, huh? Don't worry,I usually have that effect on women." With those words he let go of her and Nora coughed loudly as the precious air once more filled her lungs. With tear filled eyes she looked at him, her hate only growing stronger by the second.

"I hate you. I loathe you more than anything." James only laughed at her words, shaking them off like they were nothing as he exited the cabin and slammed the door behind him.

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