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I'm trying to update a chapter a day again! If I miss one, don't kill me I beg you.

(I chose Michael Murphy to portray Chad) @itsmikeymurphy on insta ;)

I missed two updates because my phone got taken away from me in school (TwT), but I got it back so HELLO.

Anyways, let's start!

This is a chill chapter! The winter dance is when everything is gonna BOOM, go down.


Song of chapter: Malibu — Miley Cyrus


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D A I S Y • A D A M S

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

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"Will you be my girlfriend?"

I froze. Did I want to be Tanner's girlfriend? Yeah. But...isn't it too soon? I don't want to rush to it like I did with Zack.

But I've known Tanner for a bit now, we've been decent to each other ever since I tutored him.

And I really like Tanner, I'm sure he does too.

But what if we break up? I don't want to lose my friendship with him.

Where's Hailey the romance guru when you need her?

Then I remembered Jack, telling me not to be friends with Tanner, and if we're dating, we're technically not friends.

Was that an argument I was willing to present to Jack?


He smiled at me, and grabbed me in a bone crashing hug, I hugged him back, but I couldn't help but feeling the worst is coming.

"Of course, that means you're going to the winter dance with me" He said.

The winter dance was an event held by the school, it was pretty self explanatory, it's a dance...in the winter.

"Of course" I said, with a grin.

"For now though, let's continue the game" He said, and I nodded.


T A N N E R • M I C H A E L S

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