That One Time At Band Camp

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Coco was tapping her fingers along the edge of the table as she tried to concentrate on her homework. It was driving Velvet mad and the girl was just about to yell at her team leader when the brown haired girl shot up so fast Velvet almost fell back off her own chair.

"We are starting a band!"

"Wait? What?" Velvet snapped.

"We're starting a band!" Coco repeated.

"Yes, I heard that! Where did this idea come from?"

"We're a team right? A team is basically a band!" Coco grinned at the trio around her.

"None of us play any instruments! Coco! You're just trying to get out of doing your homework!" Velvet sighed and ran her hand over her face.

"Actually..." Fox mumbled and raised his hand. "I play guitar."

"You do! That's great!" Coco grinned wide, her idea coming to fruition. Velvet simply groaned and placed her head down on the table. This was the open mic comedy show all over again.

"I used to play drums for the school band." Yatsu mentioned from the bed across the room.

"Perfect!" Coco laughed softly. "We'll be a band in no time!"

"Coco! I don't play anything! Neither do you!" Velvet groaned as she looked up at her team leader's wide grin.

"I can learn to play guitar or keyboards. It doesn't seem that hard!" She grinned and then looked at Velvet. "You can play bass, I mean, its only a few strings and you do have a great beat. I've heard you in the shower singing."

"I am not singing!" Velvet yelled and then calmed down. "I do not do well in crowds especially on stage."

"Don't worry, you'll be fine. You'll be in the back of the group with the bass, I'll sing." Coco told her firmly, grinning as she picked up a piece of paper from her notebook. "We just need a name."

"Coco, finish your homework." Velvet told her.

"I'm thinking 'Caffeine' but that could be a nice name for a song." Coco spoke out loud.

"Coco, finish your homework." Velvet repeated.

"Perhaps the Velveteen Rabbit, we could all wear ears." Coco grinned.

"Coco, finish your homework." Velvet repeated.

"What about 'The Barista's' on the theme of Coffee?" Coco laughed softly.

"Coco, finish your homework." Velvet repeated.

"Perhaps we can just go with Team CFVY, as it is our name and we are kinda like a band already.

"Coco, finish your homework." Velvet repeated.

The boys just grinned at each other, the pair were always like this. Coco trying to do something to get out of work and Velvet trying to reign her back in, only for Coco to win out with either a kiss, a tug on Velvet's sensitive ears or just by pure persistence.

"I think we'll go with Team CFVY." Coco decided and Velvet let out an exasperated sigh and went back to her homework.

"Wait, I have an idea." Coco told Velvet and took the girls hand, pulling her to the door.

"Coco! We have to finish our homework!" She could be heard as Coco dragged her away.

"Should we follow?" Fox asked Yatsu.

"We might as well as or Velvet might actually kill Coco this time." Yatsu smiled and the pair followed.

Finding the girls in the music room, Coco was holding out a bass guitar.

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