Part 17

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Lavanya joined her palm with Arnav's while descending from the stairs. Arnav did not like that but he was helpless. He has to pretend all this.

"Why do you look so upset? " Lavanya asked.

Arnav looked at her.

"ASR, I know I took a wrong path to get you, but trust me I really care for you. I have always loved you. I did all this to get you. Trust me."

I have to fake this to keep ASR on the hook. She thought.

She should feel that I believe her. He thought.

He quickly faked a smile.

"I have a bit of head ache, otherwise I am fine" he lied.

"Let's start the ceremony. Where is Khushi bitiya? " Nani asked.

"She must be coming" Lavanya replied on behalf of Arnav.

"By the way Nannav, in this mehendi ceremony men aren't allowed, but I got the ritual changed. Even we guys should be equally allowed to participate in all ceremonies, what say? " Nk said with excitement.

"Are you also planning to apply mehendi? " Arnav asked sarcastically.

Nk's smile vanished. Arnav saw Anjali serving the guests. He moved towards her.

"Di are you fine? " Anjali nodded her head.

"Yes chotte I'm fine. Don't worry"

"Sit for some time" he advised her.

Anjali obeyed him. Both the siblings occupied the sofa.

"Where's jijaji? " He asked.

"I am here Saale saheb " Shyam appeared in front of him, "I had been to get my Rani Sahiba's medicine"

Shyam sat beside Anjali and gave her the medicine.

"Have you guys finished shopping for the flat? " Arnav asked.

Anjali and Shyam looked at each other.

"Saale sahab it looks like you are very desperate to throw us out" Shyam said in a funny way.

"No jijaji, I was just ensuring if you can handle your responsibilities well. You are going to be a father now"

Shyam gritted his teeth but didn't show his anger. Shyam's phone rang,  but he cut it. Anjali and Arnav looked at him. Shyam smiled.

"Chote we are planning to shift by next month. This month we had a lot of expenses due to the flat and there are lot many things which we have to buy for the flat, like furniture and crockeries. Your jijaji is trying to save his expenses of this month"

Arnav nodded his head.

"Di, if you need anything, I am always there to help you. " he assured her. Anjali nodded her head.

"But Di I really wonder how jijaji fell short of money. He is always out of city, he works so hard for both of you.
He has a lot of reputation in the court as well. He didn't have to worry about your expenses till now. He has been into this field for more than ten years and now by this time he must have made a lot of savings. Even for the flat, half of the money was taken from your account. It's really surprising that he fell short of money. Where does his income actually go? "

Shyam was flabbergasted. Arnav's points were valid. Anjali too felt that Arnav was right. She looked at Shyam, hoping for an answer.

"For his baby" Khushi said.

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