Chapter 11

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Recap: the dinner time.

Chakor was looking at Suraj, they had both cleaned the kitchen and the dirty dishes.

Suraj was there, around her giving her the time to feel more than just being a whore.

Laksh and Karan were sleeping peacefully on the bed, Suraj checked on them and also the wound. He kept checking on it every time, he didn't liked the fact, that because of his impulse behaviour this happened.

Chakor saw that, the tension and fear was still written on his face, she hugs him from back, "you know Suraj, he isn't angry or hurt, I guess he even enjoys the moment. He is getting all the attentions including mine." She was there to get him out of his guilt, an emotion, which is hard to ignore.

Suraj looked at her, "your soft hands?" Chakor suppressed her laugh and nods to him, "yes, my soft hands." She intertwined her hand in his and took him along with her.

Both sat on the ground, leaning on the wall, the small window of the room let the moonlight shine into their face.

Suraj was looking at her, he stroke her cheek and kisses her earlobe. She smiles with a blush on her face, she lowers her face.

"Suraj is there something you want to tell me?" She lifted her head to see into his eyes.

Suraj smiles, "like?"

Karan opens an eyelid, "shush Laksh." He whispers.

"Uhm?" Laksh made with his mouth and Karan widen his eyes, "ssh what you don't understand under a shush?"

Laksh pouts, "mummy..." he murmurs and Chakor stood up, Karan immediately closed his eyes and faked a sleep.

Chakor sat on the ground and caresses his head, "Laksh what happened? Do have a nightmare?" Laksh shook his head, "he isn't letting me sleep." He yawns and sleeps again.

Chakor looked at Karan, "I will sent you home, better you sleep now." Karan nods with a mischievous smile on his face, he likes to get scold by her.

Suraj was admiring her from far, while the other's were trying to figure out what the inspector has against them.

Ajay was looking at Deep and Sid, "she is smart and hardworking, but she isn't like us. I mean she is a woman and needs a secure life. She isn't just anyone now, she is family."

Deep nods, "haan we know, but she has involved herself in it. She openly threatened the inspector in our present."

"Uhm well not really threatened him, she has openly helped us and the inspector is now suspecting her. But Ajay is right, she is now family, we should keep her away from everything." Sid said and Deep nodded.

"But we can't keep her away from her work." They said in trio.

They knew that Chakor won't accept this kind of protection. She has chosen the life, they don't know why, but she had the chance to stop it. Suraj had the chance to stop her, but he couldn't, like she couldn't stop him killing people.

Chakor checked again on them, they both were sleeping tight, she looked at Suraj with the feeling he might have fallen asleep, but then she got a surprise.

Suraj was awake, he spread his arms and calls her with his hands. Chakor smiles, she crawls to him, the moment she arrives he enclosed her into a tight hug.

Chakor cuddles with him, she hides her face on his chest, "Suraj they don't like me, right? They left because of me. Do they think I will do something wrongly?" She looked at him with teary eyes.

Suraj shook his head, "Chakor please don't think like this, they would never think about you wrongly. They respect you for your boldness, they don't judge you for your work, we aren't better." He cups her face and kisses her lips, the tears he wipes away with his thumbs.

Chakor was feeling the heat, her heartbeat always raised as soon as she feels his closeness.

Suraj broke the kiss, he lies down on the floor and asked her to lay down next to him. She didn't waited much and lies next to him.

Suraj pouts, "hey, look at me."

Chakor was looking at him, both were facing each other and Suraj stretches his arm, "sleep here!" Chakor smiles, she places her head on his arm, but Suraj didn't mean that, "here!" He points on his chest and she rolls over him.

"I will sleep here!" She was over him and Suraj nods, his nose was touching hers. Both cuddles on the ground and fallen asleep.

It was the next morning

Laksh was looking at them in a dreaming way, "Karan look yaar, she is cute."

Karan nods, "haan so cute that you called her Maa in your sleep."

Laksh widen his eyes, "I did what?" He felt embarrassed, "now she won't love me." He pouts and looked at them with a sad face expression.

"Why wouldn't she love you? If she didn't had liked it, she wouldn't have scold me for disturbing your sleep."

Laksh looked at him, "why you did?" He scratches his head.

"They were romancing, I thought you wanted to see and tease them."

Laksh shook his head, "why to watch it in the evening, when I can witness it in the morning," pointing on them.

Karan agrees, "true, wanna tease them?"

Laksh nods, they stood up and were standing above them, "Maa wake up, beta is hungry."


Laksh shrugs, "ya! Wait I have another idea. Papa get up I'm hungry!" He said and slightly kicks Suraj on his shoulder.

Suraj hits him.

"Aaahh!" Karan shouts loud.

Laksh was suppressing his laugh, "so sad."

"Suraj!" She shouts and looked at Karan, who was jumping on his one leg.

"Laksh!" She glares at him, he pouts and turns his face. "Suraj hit him, not me." He said and Chakor shook her head, "I don't care." She helped Karan and scolds Suraj for his childish behaviour, "they are younger than you, how could you do this? And you Laksh, okay you are a baby, but it doesn't mean you can do all this pranks without thinking of the consequences. Better you two say sorry to Karan, or I won't talk to any of you."

Laksh come to Karan, "Sorry."

Suraj too stood up, "sorry!"

Both were glaring at him, Karan gulps. I'm gone.


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