Part 48 - Wake Him Up

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"I want to apologize on my worst behaviour. I broke you and let you hanging alone" Calum rubbed my hand with his thumb.

"I don't know want to talk about it" I pulled my hand off him.
"I admitted I was wrong" Calum looked at me.

"You don't have to come here for it. Just know that I already forget it like I didn't want to make it as a burden for me" I shook my head.

"You better back home tomorrow" I walked out from the room.
"But Nat... please" Calum begged me.
"No" I got into my room. I just wanna sleep and let these day pass.

Why Pete leave me and make Calum closer to me? I don't feel anything anymore. I'm heartless.

*next morning*

"Where's Calum?" Papa looked at me.
"In the room,maybe" I raised my shoulders.

"Why don't you wake him up?" Joe also looked at me.
"Why should I? He can wake up by himself though" I groaned.

"Just go and wake him up now. You can't let him there. It's breakfast time" Papa shook his head.

"Ronny, call him for me" I looked at Ron, Brian's son. He's about 5 years old.

"Alright" Ron jumped off the chair.
"Oi, papa asked you and not him" Joe stopped Ron from walking and assured him to seat again even I already gave him my death glare.

But Joe stubbornly wanna me to call Calum for breakfast.

I groaned and walked to upstairs and call him up.
I lazily knocked the door. No answer.

"Calum wake up now" I rolled my eyes and kept knocking. But no answer.

I pull the doorknob and he didn't lock it. I stepped into the room and I saw the figure under the blanket.

I shook his body. "Wake up"
Calum hummed and ignored me.

"It's time for breakfast. I didn't want because of you, all of us gonna be late for breakfast" I groaned.

"You don't have to wait for me" Calum talked in his morning voice, deep and husky. I almost forgot what it sounds like after we went to our own way. Now, I heard it again.

"My family's rules, we can't let our guest eat alone" I pulled the blanket from his body.

"Nat..don't" Calum held the blanket tighter.
"No because you still won't wake up" I pulled it off and I did the biggest mistake.

I forgot Calum like to sleep nakedly under the blanket even when we're together.

"What the fuck.." My eyes bulged when I looked at his naked figure.
Calum pulled me onto his body and I fell onto his chest.

"I did warn you about it" Calum hugged me.
"Tell me that you are naked" I looked at him. He giggled.

I realize we are too close right now. Calum smiled. "Good morning"
"Morning" I tried to stand up again but he held me tight.

I looked at Calum again and raised my eyebrows. Surprisingly, Calum straight to kiss my lips and lower his hand from my waist to my cheek bum.

"Calum..." I mumbled on his lips. He shut me up and kissed me more.

"Oh no, my eyes" suddenly I heard a small voice. I pulled away from him and turned to face the open door. Ron just stood there and closed his eyes.

I quickly pulled the blanket on Calum again.
"Yes, Ron?"

"Ermm actually uncle Joe asked me to call both of you" Ron still closed his eyes. Calum giggled.

"We will come down later"
"Okay aunt Nat" Ron ran away from the door to downstairs.

"Your fault that make him trauma with your naked body" I rolled my eyes. Calum laughed more.

"Get ready now. Stop laughing"

Calum nodded and pecked my cheek. "Stop kissing me too" I looked at him.

"Never" he whispered on me.
Then, I walked out from the room and sat on my seat again.

"I asked you to just wake him up and not making love" Brian looked at me.

Ron must tell them what happened upstairs.

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