Chapter 19: As To Why We've Come

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The first address didn't take long to find. In fact, Ryn was surprised they made it there before nightfall, especially seeing as they were on foot.

She had often gone for walks with her family around the city when she was younger, but she could freely admit that they were just for leisure. It was a whole different story when there was a destination in mind.

A goal....

This was it, she thought to herself. The birth of the Legacies. It had to be.

Ryn knew it wasn't long until the Silver Scorpion would show his face to the rest of the city. And though she may have lacked the power to change the events of the past, she was willing to do whatever she could to make sure they were ready in time to thwart his maniacal plans.

As the four of them wandered down Grind St., her mind drifted back to the night she first saw that villainous man.

Don in silver armour, and astride the giant mechanical arachnid, he had looked every part the nightmare that she had read so often about. That sinister undertone that threaded its way throughout his voice, and the calculated way with which he moved, as though he knew every consequence of every step he took, and chose just the movement to cause the most amount of fear and pain to incite itself within his victim.

But what had struck her the most, was the sound as Gregory, the C.E.O. of Scorp Tech, took his final breath, his blood draining away to the carpet below his lifeless form.

She had tried her best to keep such thoughts out of her mind, occupying herself with other matters at hand, but it remained there, lingering in the darkened corners, quite prepared to strike the moment she let her guard down.

It made her feel sick to the core that someone could be so cruel as to wear a smile behind their masked face while they tore someone's life right out of their body.

Never has she seen such violence.

In her time, the law protected civilians from any such physical harm, and it was both legally and socially unacceptable to even strike someone, let alone... kill them. The Lights hadn't seen a murder in decades...

Ryn supposed that was what made The Legacies so highly revered. The fact that they were willing to stand against such brutality, even in the face of complete hatred by the rest of their city. After all... they had seen it all before. They knew what it was like to stand upon the other end of that metaphorical fist, and they didn't wish that upon anyone.... Not even the people who wielded such pain, such fear, against them, in the past.

They held a unique kind of courage that no one had ever heard of before, and no one had ever held since...

They were, in every sense of the word, heroes. Not merely because they had powers, but because they used them for the right reasons.

They met evil face to face, and worked as a united team to take it down. No matter the costs. No matter the consequences...

And, Ryn snuck a glance to the three walking on either side of her, she was now a part of it.

Not only was she walking down the street surrounded by a trio of her idols, but... she was one of them....

And she would not hesitate to earn that reverence alongside them in the days to come.

'Is this it?' Kiley asked, glancing over at the stout, pumpkin-coloured building that sat quite contentedly upon the other side of the street. It seemed to stretch backwards, away from the road itself, for a surprising distance that belied the narrow composure of its front facing wall.

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