Chapter 2-The Devil's Vision

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Will told me he didn't know anything about Patty being resurrected and now he's holding an entire meeting with the coven and high council. They all are going through a truth test right now. He hasn't gone back to his apartment yet, but when he sees the door broken down I'm sure I'll be getting another call. That is, if Marcella hasn't already told him what happened.

Stella, Crystal and I are doing our best efforts to protect the house so Patty can't get in again. While she was disguised as Marcella, she must have managed to aid in helping craft the ward around our home. So Stella had to break it and we put up our own one with just the three of us.

I was reluctant to use my magic to help with the new ward because technically my magic is still conjoined to Nick. When I told Stella and Crystal that he wouldn't be in town anymore and about what happened last night, they didn't seem to mind.

Well, I guess Crystal wasn't very accepting of the idea, but I had to let the cat out of the bag. Crystal seemed very disturbed by my magic being conjoined to a vampire hybrid. Stella probably felt the same inside too, but I think she's finally coming to terms with me about the vampires. Now Stella and Crystal both know about Nick's situation and the devil connecting the two of us together. I know Stella will keep it secret, she has been all this time. I hope Crystal will too.

I can't pretend the legend isn't taking root in my life, but I will literally be damned if I don't do anything to avoid it being fulfilled. If not by the devil, then by Patty. And honestly, at this point, I don't know which would be worse. I just need to take things day by day. There has to be some way out of it, but I need to be careful and do the devil's will in the meantime while I come up with a plan.

Stella and I cut open more bags of salt. Crystal's emptying out her bag over the front porch. I took care of the back porch, but I'm going to help Stella finish the sides around the house too. We already put salt on the windowsills inside too just as a precaution. The salt we are infusing with clover, alfalfa, and wheatgrass -- all of them have protective purposes we use our magic to extract from and transfer into the salts. The salts have a dull greenish tint due to the remnants of the plants we chopped up and boiled in a big pot in the kitchen. We let the liquid cool and then infused it into the salts with our magic.

It kind of smells like a blend of mowed lawn and moldy hay in the house, but it's better than the smell the candles the coven left in here.

Stella and I carry our salt bowls outside. I let the grains pour onto the dead grass by the wall of the house and Stella pours her salt along the side of the house in the opposite direction as me. We meet up in the front and then go back inside with Stella.

"Where are you going?" Stella asks me seeing me pull on my black corduroy silver button-up jacket.

"Work." I sigh.

"Work?! My mother was here yesterday! You can't go anywhere-"

"Stella, I'm not going to let that stop me from pursuing a normal life. She won't come after me so soon anyway. She knows she's already exposed herself." I explain calmly.

"Alright, but I'm going over to their meeting. I'll make sure they are making progress on finding her. I also have a few words I'd like to share with William and Marcella too. You can't let him walk all over you like this Val. Aren't you angry too?" Stella questions.

"I'm really sorry about Will, Val," Crystal chimes in and continues, "I'll go with Stella too. It really wasn't like him to do this. Maybe he really was just offering Marcella a place to stay."

Stella rolls her eyes and I offer a soft smile, hoping she's right. That's exactly what Will told me over the phone about it all because I ended up having to explain how Nick and I found Marcella in his apartment. I understand she may have needed a place to stay, but why wouldn't he have bothered telling me about it while we were together? I'm more worried about Marcella's influence over him because ever since she showed up in town, Will has been a lot more distant. 

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