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Kpop Idol, Seventeen's Sunny caught on camera out late at night with fellow member, Vernon.


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"YAH! SUNNY, VERNON, YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!" Jeonghan yelled from the room across the hall.

Sunny, confused, jumped out of her bed and ran over to Jeonghan's room where the rest of the boys were. When the two kids entered, the others looked at them as if they were crazy.

"What?" Sunny asked as she stood there awkwardly.

"What is this about?" Jeonghan asked as he showed the two the photo that was taken of them out on their little "date" which no one knew that it was.

"O-oh.." Sunny said, trying to back out of the room slowly.

Chan grabbed her arm and just stayed put. He didn't pull her back in the room but having a grip on her arm was stopping her from fully leaving.

"You know this is the wrong way to have a relationship publicly announced." Seokmin said.

"Huh?" Sunny asked, both of the victims were confused by his statement.

"Usually people in the relationship want to announce that they are dating, not by having their photos posted online." He continued.

"We aren't even in a relationship!" Sunny asked, raising her voice as she pointed back and forth between herself and Vernon.

Sunny and Vernon stood together in the room. The others sighed as they knew what would happen in the next few days. Their members didn't believe them when they said they weren't in a relationship, they all thought the two were hiding it.

"You got it al—." Sunny mumbled to which the members couldn't hear before getting interrupted.

As they explained their understanding of what was happening, Minghao was sitting on the bed as quite as a mouse. He didn't know what to say, of course he didn't have a problem with her dating anyone else but he knew this was about to be a huge problem.

The members turned around in confusion as the tv switched on, the loud noise coming from the tv was the news channel.

"How? How is this even possibly covered on the news?" Woozi asked as he turned to the screen.

As the members moved around to see the screen as well, Sunny and Vernon stood behind everyone.

"How did you even turn this on at the exact moment that they were talking about this?" Sunny mumbled under her breath.

"That's not the point, you two are about to be the next big thing to be talked about because of this." S.Coups said as he looked up towards Sunny and Vernon.

The news covered it all. From the name of Sunny all the way to what Vernon was wearing at the time. Why the two were out wasn't covered since they didn't have the inside scoop of what happened but the news left the people watching with the saying, "Valentines day only makes for new couples."

They watched it all the way through. Pictures popped up on the screen of Sunny and Vernon out and about at night. Both of the kids who were caught on camera, were secretly afraid of the consequences and how this was all about to be drawn out.

"How did you not notice those photographers getting pictures that close?" Chan asked.

"We were looking the other way, they just got the picture and took off before we turned around." Vernon said, his voice seemed stable and calm.

Chan laughed slightly and leaned back on the bed. Sunny was just shocked, standing there as the members talked about what was going to happen.

"What were you guys even doing out late at night?" Jun asked.

"N-Nothing, we were just getting fresh air." Sunny stumbled on her words as she tried to hide the fact that they were, indeed, on a date.

Vernon seemed to be the one who wanted to figure out how to keep Sunny safe throughout this all, to make sure that she wasn't getting bad hate for the way this was all announced to the public.

"What's going to happen?" Sunny asked, the members all looking at each other.

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