Probably Candy Crush (9)

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      She scooped another fork full of noodles into her mouth. There was an artificial flavor of shrimp and a little extra lime juice. It was delicious and also comforting. 

     She had just got done talking to Shaya on the phone. A guard had come in to bring it after she was done crying. He had probably heard her the entire time. How embarrassing. 

     Aeress barely kept it together in front of her best friend. The conversation was unusually brief, but she was glad to see her face. 

     She polished off the remaining noodles in the cup, sipping down the rest of the broth, and placed it on the dresser. 

      The room was cool. Apparently werewolves were reluctant to utilize the heater. Aeress got on her feet and was freezing. Thankfully her wet hair dried, though it was a dry mess. 

     She looked around the room. She could tell by the omnipresent scent that it was his bedroom. 

     There was a lack of presence. Intimacy. Nothing appeared to have a personal touch. It could of been anyone's room. It was similar to staying in a hotel room. 

     It had all the requirements of a basic bedroom: bed, dresser, connected closet, connected bathroom, desk and chair. That was it. 

     She eyed the clothes the guard left with her and decided to dress. She pulled on the bra and panties, but the shirt and pants were a smidge too tight. Why was it hard to acknowledge the presence of her stomach? And the fact that her boobs were larger than a b cup. 

     Wearing her old clothes was not an option. 

      She decided to go into the closet. Of course it had little choice but black. Aeress was confused. He literally possessed no other color. Why did he hate all colors? 

     Thinking of Warrick gave her a headache. She knew she was pissed at him and feared it would only get worse with him. Aeress expressed everything, while he expressed nothing. How was she ever going to adjust to that? 

     Because that was what he was telling her. She would have to adjust. She would have to learn to live with werewolves until her demon was under control. 

     Aeress had to admit she was a little terrified to leave the room. The creature could come back, and she didn't want to kill anyone else. 

     She searched for a t-shirt and found a black one of course. It was form-fitting on her boobs. Thank god! Next was pants. She searched and searched. All dress pants! Aeress was happy to come across a pair of shorts. They were adjustable, so she pulled them in some.

     She was satisfied when she left the closet and plopped herself on the bed. It sunk and her weight, conforming to her curves. 

     Her eyes blinked closed after a few minutes... 


     Aeress shot up like a bullet, jumping out of her skin ten feet into the air. So violent she awoke that the man stumbled back in surprise. 

     Her eyes were wide as she clung onto her shirt, fearing her heart would somehow escape from her chest. "Oh my lord jesus and all good things above, don't do that!" She fought to steady her breathing. 

     The man was tall and thin with a heavy dark brow and light blue eyes. He couldn't tremble with more force if he tried. "I am so sorry," his voice was thick an accent, "are you well?" He was hesitant to approach. "I did not mean to frighten you." 

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