07. everyone's flawed

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[ 07. everyone's flawed ]

another long chapter for ya'll
also some triggering themes


Taehyung flinches when his mother slams the front door behind him, his shoulders drooping when he doesn't find his father sitting in his usual chair, reading his favorite novel.

Realizing his only escape from his mother's wrath is probably recovering from exhaustion upstairs, he inhales sharply when his mother smacks the back of his head, the women muttering complaints about him underneath her breath as she shrugs off her jacket.

"What did I fucking say about defending those faggot friends of yours?" She screams, her anger cutting through the silence. Taehyung says nothing, instead keeping his gaze lowered to his feet.

"Rachel, Dad's sleeping upstairs," Taehyung whispers hoarsely, wincing when he feels his mother's fingers dig into his chin, harshly tilting his head up to meet her stare.

"I wouldn't be fucking yelling if you didn't screw up," Rachel hisses, pressing her thumb down on his jaw. She doesn't blink when her son cries out in pain, yelling at her to let go.

"I screwed up? You- It's you who went too far and embarassed us!" Taehyung shouts back, ripping himself away from her hold. He shoves her away, senses fogged by his intense hatred for the woman he can barely call his own mother. "Those woman looked scared out of their minds that you insulted me like that!" He spits out bitterly.

"Son, I was just telling them my opinion! God, you're like a sensitive little girl," Rachel sneers, pressing her fingers on the bridge of her nose. "We moved here to fix your sins Taehyung- your sins are what broke apart our family!"

His stomach drops, his fingers coiling tightly into fists. "I ruined the family? What about you? Dad works himself until he's sick just so you can buy your fancy shit and seduce men that aren't your husband!" Taehyung lashes out, irritation clouding his vision red.

"You of all people, Rachel, shouldn't be telling me I'm sinning when you probably have had twice as many of other men's cocks in you."

Rachel stills, her features falling slack. Taehyung gulps nervously, afraid that he's went too far in their argument. Never has he brought up her cheating in one of their fights, and when he does, he knows he's struck a nerve. Even though his mother has hurt him countless of times, he can't help but feel guilty when he hurts her back.

A harsh slap echoes throughout their home, Taehyung's cheek stinging painfully with his mother's hand raised above him. He's expected this, saw it coming the moment he has stepped inside. Sighing, he craddles his aching cheek in his cool palm, his strengh fading from the tips of his fingers.

"I agreed to come here for a fucking change," Rachel scolds him, her voice shrill with anger. "You came here to avoid those terrible people who turned you into a disgusting monster."

Taehyung nods silently, biting down on his lip to fight the tears stinging at the back of his eyes. Rachel lunges foreward, gripping a fistful of his hair and tugging roughly at his scalp. Taehyung winces, not making a single sound when his mother pulls him close.

"By the end of this year, I only want to see you fucking with girls. You don't ever talk back to me again or defend those unnatural things back home," She whispers darkly, tightening her hold to the point it makes Taehyung's eyes water.

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