Chapter eight

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Daniels POV:
The priest is about to ask Miranda if she takes me as her loving husband, but is interrupted with the sound of the door opening. Everyone's heads shoot back to see who has interrupted or have been extremely late to the wedding.

I look closely at the's the Burdens I have forgotten that I had invited them. "We are sorry for being late, you may now proceed again," Mrs. Burden says elegantly.

The priest clears his throat. I look at the Burdens as they sit down. Jack, Sophie, Mrs. Burden, Mr. Burden. They settle down and I can an extra figure.

I stare as they settle down. The Extra figure looks up. Our eyes meet. My heart stops. It's Lilly, my lilly. Alive and well.

I stare at her eyes. They're filled with confusion. "Like I was saying." I look back at Miranda. She's smiling. "Do you Miranda take Daniel to be your loyal husband?" I look at the priest.

"Yes." He looks at me this time. "Do you take Miranda to be loyal wife?" He ask. Do I want to do this. I have to..Lilly I love you, but this is the right thing to do.

"Yes." I state coldly. "You may kiss the bride." I pull Miranda in and place a gentle peck on her lips. I pull away. My mother gets up and starts clapping. Then so does everyone.

I don't care, about this wedding. I never wanted to marry this bitch. The women I've always wanted to marry is not the one that walked the aisle.

We start to walk towards the limo. We get in and I let go of her hand. "Was that Lilly?" I look at Miranda and roll my eyes.

"And it's your business why?" I scroll through my phone reading important emails. "Because I'm your fucking wife!" She screams as she throws the flowers.

"Look Miranda you're only my wife for now, so get that through your fucking head." She starts to cry. "Pathetic." I mumble.

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