30 ~ Feel Something? Romantic Feelings Maybe?

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3rd Person POV
Back in Tokyo...

"[L/N] is so nice!! She helped me pick out two songs for the number in our music class." Kaminari cheered.

"Whoop-de-doo for you,  lightning head." Bakugou rolled his eyes.

"That's awesome bro! What two songs are they?"  Kirishima asked while a bright smile adorned his face clearly happy for his best friend.

"Well.... One was Perfect by Ed Sheeran and the other was Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur." Kaminari smiled as he scratched the back of his head.

"Those are some good ones.  Which one are you gonna do? " Kirishima pressed on.

"I don't know yet. Which one do you think, Kiri? "

"Uh....I think-"

"You should totally do Say You Won't Let Go." Sero interrupted with a smug and knowing look.

"Ya think? " Kaminari checked again.

"For sure." He nodded.

"Sweet I'll start preparing it for class." With that Kaminari zipped outta the room with an excited energy following him while Kirishima turned to Sero.

"Why'd you have him do that one.  If I'm being honest,  I think Perfect is the better love song." Kirishima admitted.

"As you know I talk to [L/N] a lot and we were talking one night and she told that if she had to pick one song as her wedding song it'd be that one." Sero winked.

"Oh and you know that Kami will most definitely sing it to [L\N] before he shows it to the class, and you think it might make her feel something like.... romantic feelings." Kirishima winked back.

"You two are dipshits.  That dense bitch will never realize she wants to fuck that dunce face." Bakugou huffed.

"She will as long as have something to do about it." Sero said confidently.

"Whatever." Bakugou clicked his tongue in his irritation.

"Awe c'mon you know you want them to get together too." Kirishima nudged his boyfriend with a doppy grin.

"Please, I couldn't care less." Bakugou sneered.

"Whatever you say." Kirishima gave him a smug look.


Kaminari stood in the studio at school strumming his guitar while reading the sheet music for the song suggested by [L/N].

If he was being honest he was more focused on impressing [L/N] with this song than he was the teacher who had assigned this. This sort of confused him.  In the past he had worried about impressing other girls, but not as much as he does with [L/N].

He thought that it was because she was always playing hard to get and never made an effort to flirt back. In the back of his mind though he knew that it had to be something else.  He just couldn't figure out what that something is.

He wasn't gonna think too hard about it,  because when he does think hard about something it hurts his head. For now he was just gonna finish this assignment so he can show [L/N].

Back in Kyoto

In [L/N]'s college they were getting their term papers handed back to them. [L/N] waited anxiously,  she was nervous as to what her grade would be. She knew that her paper was not one of her best,  which is why she is worried about what her grade on it had turned out to be.

As the papers were passed back and she had finally received hers,  [L/N] reluctantly turned the paper over revealing her grade.  She had gotten a "B". It wasn't so bad but she was still disappointed. 

[L/N] turned to face Midoryia who has sat right next to her.

She whispered to him " Hey, Midori what did you get?"

"Uh.. An "-A"." He whispered back.

"Nice... I uh.... Got a "B"." She said her disappointment present in her voice.

"That's not so bad.  I mean it could've been worse." Midoryia gave [L/N] a nervous smile.

"Yeah you're right.... " She looked down at the paper. 

"Anyways... There's only a few minutes left of class. After it ends you wanna come hang out with Haru and I.  You could bring Iida too." The [H/C] girl suggested.

"Yeah... I'm not doing anything anyways.  And I'll try to get Iida to come along." Midoryia said with a nod.

"Alright then just text me when you're heading over." She said as the bell telling the class has ended rung.

"Okay,  I will. " He smiled and watched as [L/N] got up out of her chair.

On her way out,  [L/N] unlocked her phone and went to Kaminari's contact.


Hey got a B on that term paper you sorta helped me with... Btw I appreciated that thanks :)

His reply was almost immediate.

Hopeless Dumbass:

That's awesome babe💕💕💕 

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