She's Not Italian

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Vincent, Domenico, and Gio walked into Francesco office talking to each other which got his attention. Looking up at his sons and nephew he raised an eyebrow in question. Usually, they told him when they were planning to come over and today, they had not.

"Can I help you boys with something?" He asked them leaning back in his chair and folding his hands in his lap.

Vincent unbuttoned his fitted suit jacket and took it off. He draped it over the back of a chair in front of his father's desk before sitting down in it. He put both elbows on his knees and held his head in his hands.

Francesco looked from his oldest son to the other two men in the room, "what happened?"

"Still no word from Enzo," Domenico answered.

"We don't even know where he is," Gio added. They both set down on the couch. The chair beside Vincent was empty but neither of them wanted to sit near him. They both had already heard him call them every name in both the English, Italian languages. Plus a few they couldn't pinpoint, because they had been unsuccessful in finding Enzo. They were tired of his attitude.

Vincent ran both of his hands through his hair. He looked at his feet for another minute before finally lifting his head and looking at his father. "What are we going to do? Enzo won't stop. We know this," he stood up and started to pace. He had brainstormed with the boys and they had come up with nothing that would keep the peace and he knew that is what his father would want them to do.

"I know that you all are frustrated with the recent events. I, like you, would prefer to have it done and over quickly so that we can focus on you taking over," Francesco stood up and walked to where Vincent was pacing. He placed both hands on his son's shoulders to stop him. "We will figure this out."

Vincent nodded and shook his father off. "How? Did you know there's talk that he is recruiting from other families?" He waved his arms around and started pacing again.

"I have heard that," he answered his son with a sigh. "I think that before we do anything, we need to strengthen our alliances. If we start planning something and end up talking to the wrong person, it could backfire. We have to know who is truly on our side and with us," he finished looking at each man receiving a nod of their heads.

"Dom. Gio. Do you think you guys can find out just how many men and who he has gotten?" Vincent asked. They looked at each other before nodding at him and walking out of the room without a word.

When the door shut behind the two men, Francesco walked back to sit in his chair behind his desk. He motioned for Vincent to sit. "The women you brought with you to the gala. How long have you been seeing her?"

Vincent shook his head, "I haven't been seeing her. Father honestly, I brought her hoping you would think I was settling down and stop bothering with all your lectures," Vincent sighed. He didn't like being dishonest with his father and right now, him settling down should be the least of their worries.

"Your mother really liked her," his father rubbed his chin.

"She's not Italian. I never planned on seeing her more than the one night," he shrugged.

Francesco sighed and sat forward gaining his son's attention. "You do know that you don't have to end up with an Italian girl right son?" He asked him. Vincent raised an eyebrow. He knew that it wasn't an actual requirement, but he knew that it was easier for everyone involved if a woman was Italian when she married into the family. Especially when she was married to the leader. The family would have more respect if she was Italian.

"I know that. I have also told you I don't want to settle down anyway. Besides, Rebecca is too nice of a girl to drag into this life. She would never last," he wasn't sure if he was trying to get his father to drop it or if he was trying to convince himself not to go and see her like he had been dying to all week. Whenever he wasn't working, he seemed to think about her. He thought about her smile and the little sparkle of gold in her hazel eyes. He thought about how it felt to run his hands through her hair and along her skin which felt like touching silk as cliché as that sounded to him, he now understood what people who said that meant. Most the time when he started thinking about her couldn't help himself and needed a release, he had called one of the main girls that he knew could help him. He ended up in the bathroom of his club with them and tried, but he hadn't finished. He shook it off and looked at his father. "I would feel bad if I put her in more danger than I already have. I think Enzo was just trying to see what kind of effect his threat would have on me and by staying away he will see that she doesn't matter to me and move on."

"So, you left her unguarded then?" His father asked him. He already knew the answer. There wasn't ever anything his son's or anyone in the family did that he didn't know about, but he was trying to figure out his son. He didn't raise his son to not protect what was his or to not take responsibilities for his actions.

"Of course not, Father. I have men on her every hour of the day. They give me updates three times a day. They will stay on her until we have dealt with Enzo," Vincent sighs. He was pretty sure that his father knew that already and he wasn't sure why he needed to hear him admit it.

Francesco nodded with a smirk that made Vincent wonder what was going on. "I think when all this is over you should pursue something with her. Your mother wasn't the only one who liked her. You two looked very good together. Even if she's not Italian," he winked and gave him a full smile. He didn't smile like that Vincent was shocked.

Vincent opened his mouth to say something when he heard his phone beep with a text message. Holding up a finger to tell his father to wait a minute he looked at his phone.

She just left from lunch with the neighbor girl and some guy.

The text was followed by a picture. Tobin was sitting beside her and she was looking at him with a smile on her lips. Tobin's arm was slung around the back of her seat. Vincent could feel his face getting hot. He wasn't completely sure why he was so angry. He was sure that she and Tobin weren't a thing because she had said she was single. Or had she? She said she didn't date. Not that she didn't have a boyfriend. "She wouldn't have gone with you to the gala if she wasn't single," he told himself. What if Tobin was someone that Enzo had turned and had Tobin getting closer to her for him. But didn't he already know her before Enzo? They had been at the club together the night he saved her. He didn't know what to think.

Looking up at his father from his phone, "I have to go, Father. Something has come up," he said standing up and buttoning his jacket.

"Is it Enzo?" His father asked standing and following him to the door.

Vincent shook his head, "no it's just something I need to take care of," he said before he walked out of his father's office. 

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