Fade - Chapter 6

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the young boy asks on a dark and quiet evening,

"do you know what Elezabeth's last words to me were?"

Ciel hadn't spoken much to his servant as of late, and the sudden prompt for a conversation came with intrigue and surprise.

"No... may I ask what they were, my lord?"

"She said to me, 'Ciel... I am not the bubbly, enthusiastic and happy girl I pretend to be. I am much like you, and I see clearly what is happening to you, and I must warn; revenge... is like drinking poison, and expecting it to hurt someone else.' And then she said, 'I hate to watch you drinking poison.' And simply walked away."

Ciel says with his eyes glazed in memory... speaking slowly with his quaint figure standing grandly by the opened window. Sebastian's dark smirk emanates from behind the boy.

"Ah yes... but if you'd never tasted such a poison, my lord, you may not be alive. Ironic, isn't it?"

The former Earl ignores the sly quip, jumping in, his voice quivering with the emotion finally boiling over.

"But if I hadn't tasted the poison, you wouldn't be stuck with me now!"

His small frame quivers, his head hanging in an embarrassed scowl. The boy's gaze then falls to the starless sky, tears gathering like fallen petals on his eyelashes. Regret has spoken it' desperate growl, pushing its' way out through the depths of Ciel's heart and onto his tongue. Guilt, as it often does, accompanies the sad feeling that piles in the pit of his stomach, knotting and twisting in his gut.

"I'm sorry, Sebastian. I should've trusted you... I shouldn't have doubted your loyalty like that. Then, maybe, you would've gotten your meal... maybe you wouldn't be stuck here, with me... waiting on my every wish."

The boy's voice is as soft as a beckoning tide as he speaks to Sebastian, his words melting in the air along with his cold breath mingling amongst the sound.

"No, my lord. I strongly believe that all that happened, did so for a reason. You would not be alive if you had never called for me, Ciel."

It's a rare occasion as of late, in which Sebastian addresses the Phantomhive by his first name, and Ciel's head rises as the word is uttered.

"Sebastian, I know you cannot lie to me, so I ask... in all honesty... do you really, truly, care for me?"

Ciel had taken the clue.

"Yes, my lord."

Ciel spins where he stands, his body now facing the butler.

"You know I do too, Sebastian."

A light blush dances along his now-damp cheeks, staining them a rosy pink.

Sebastian steps closer as their previous boldality replaces the fragile awareness that came beforehand, a lustful mist floating in the air.

"Come with me."

They walk past the crumbling piano... past the gold trimming and the dark embellishments adorning the manor, and they find themselves in the old and dusty room once more. The old records that accompany the old and decaying books greet them back as they force their way through the door.

Ciel calmly falls back onto the bed, sitting with his feet dangling lazily off the side of the mattress. Sebastian bows his head leaning in for a kiss. As soon as their lips meet, Ciel's heart swells as before, welcoming the old numbness back. He kisses back with vigor, his mouth moving in time with Sebastian's as his arms find his strong upper-body.

"I love you."

And just like that, reassurance returns.

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