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Ethans POV
Today was the day of my surgery. All I have to say is that I'm scared. But this is only one part of what I'm thinking about. The other part is the news I learned yesterday, about the paralysis in my legs. Why does it have to be me? I was going somewhere, making my family proud. Now, I might never walk again. I still haven't seen the aftermath of it all, like my car. I see the door open and my mom and dad walk in with Alivia. "Hi Ethan," my dad says. I know that my dad was really effected by this. My dad was really on be about doing sports. He was even the one who got me into football when I was younger. I remember when I would go to the football games and watch the team score touchdowns and the crowd applause and scream as they won. I always imagined myself down there and them doing that for me. My dad brought a football home and started going out with me and throwing it with me. When I was getting older, he would teach me different techniques to be better. I took those and that's how I got to high school. Being the person everyone knows around the school and people wanting them to be on your team and represent you. My dad business started getting bigger and we were making more money, but my dad started leaving more which means he couldn't watch me, and when he would come I always tried so much harder to be better. Now I'm laying in the hospital, waiting to get surgery and lucky to walk again. "How are you feeling," my mom asks as she sits down and looks at me. "I feel okay I guess, still have a little bit of pain. Where's Grayson?" My mom said, "He's at home right now with Cam. He wasn't doing well this morning so he might be able to come a little later." I shook my head as a doctor comes in. "Hello Ethan, I will be the surgeon who will be working on you today." He stuck his hand out to shake. He took a seat as he told us everything we needed to know like what will happen. When he was finished he started taking me down a hallway as my parents and Alivia walked down the hallway by me. My mom and dad were holding my hand as they had to let go when a set of doors came and I got taken in with the surgeon. We stepped into a room that looked a lot different then the rest of the hallway."Alright Ethan, I'm going to give you an IV that will make you fall asleep alright?" I shook my head yes as I felt a pinch into my arm. I slowly felt as if I haven't sleep in so long. I slowly began to feel my eyes shut as everything else around me went silent.

Alivias POV
I walked into the waiting room with Sean and Lisa. I could tell that they were very anxious and nervous about what was going to happen. "Thank you for being here," Lisa said. "Your welcome," I said. "You have definitely helped me through this, along with Sean." I smiled and said, "Well I'm very thankful that I could be there and help you." We saw Cameron and Grayson walk down the hallway of the hospital. Grayson was crying as he came, but it wasn't very loud crying it was small and quite. His cheeks were red and his eyes were wet and red. "What happened to him," Lisa asked as Cameron came over with him. "I don't know he started crying when we got into the car to come." Lisa didn't react and went over to Grayson and tried to calm him down.

< 2 hours later >

I saw the surgeon walk down the hallway. I stood up as Lisa opened her eyes and saw me. "Where are you going?" I said, "The surgeon is coming," I said. She sat up a little and saw as well. She got everyone else's attention and we all went to him. "Ethans surgery went perfect," he said. Lisa started crying small tears of joy as she hugged Sean. "You want to go and see him you can. He's still in the same room, but he isn't awake yet. He should be soon." He smiled and walked away as we made our way to the room and saw Ethan asleep. We made our way in as we all sat down and waited.

Everyone went to get food except me as I was still waiting for Ethan to wake. I looked at him as I saw his eyes start to open. "Hey Ethan how you feel?" He said, "There's a little pain in my back but there's definitely reason for that and I still can't feel or move my legs." I couldn't say anything so I just shook my head. "I'm actually really scared Alivia," he said out of nowhere. "Why would you be scared?" He said, "Of not being able to walk again or play football again. Going to school and people being nicer to you because this happened. I don't want people to treat me different because of this." I said, "I don't think they will treat you different, they will see right threw that and still see the same you before everything happened." We stopped talking as everyone started walking back in from lunch. "Oh you're awake Ethan," my dad said as he walked over.

Ethans POV
My dad walked over as he sat down by my bed. "Well my mom is probably worrying about where I am my so I'm going to go alright?" I said, "Alright, see you later." She smiled as she walked out and closed the door. "How do your legs feel," my dad asked. "Still the same dad. There's no change," I said. All he could do was nod, but there was a sad expression on his face. "You know I remember the first game you ever played on the football game. That was a memory I will never forget. And the first time you got an offer from a college. All of those are memory's but sometimes I think they'll just be memory's. I won't ever be able to see you play on that field again, it hurts me. But I need to worry about you walking again. If you even take a step that will make my day. It shows that you are making an improvement and that you don't let anyone tell you anything. You want to prove them wrong that you'll never walk again. You promise that you will try your hardest for me and you please?" I said, "I promise dad," I said. "I love you son," he said as he hugged me.

"Tonight's Friday right?" My dad and mom we're still with me. "Yeah why," my mom asked. "Because I want to watch the football game," I said. "Well maybe it's on tv so we can watch it in here." I said, "No, I want to go and actually be there. I want to go and support my team." My dad said, "But Ethan you just had surgery today. The doctor said you had to take it easy for a couple days." I said, "Yeah I know what he said but all I want to do is go to a football game." I heard the door and saw Alivia walk in. "Hey guys," she said. "Hi Alivia," I said. "What was going on in here, I heard people almost yelling at someone." I said, "I want to go to the football game but they won't let me." She looked at me with a surprised face. "Ethan you literally just had surgery today?!" I said, "All I want to do is be happy and get out of this place. You guys said that you want me to be happy right? Well this will me make happy," I said. My mom looked at my dad and sighed. She stills up and said, "Fine, but you're only going for half of the game alright?" A smile instantly came in my face and I said, "Alright that's fine. Thank you so much." My mom said, "I have to go and talk to the doctor." I forgot about talking with him. I shook my head as an okay as she walked out of the room.

My mom walked in with a smile on her face. "Well did he say I could go?" She shook her head yes as she came and hugged me. "Im going home to go get you clothes but I'll be back." I said okay and she walked out the door. About 30 minutes later she came back with a pair of clothes. We put them in as the doctor came in. "Alright Ethan, make sure you are back after the 2nd quarter. I'm going to get you a wheelchair so you can go. If anything does not feel right with your back like any pain or discomfort please tell someone and come back here." I shook my head as an okay and the doctor looked over at my parents. "Once he gets back make sure you tell me." My parents said, "Oh we're not going." I looked at Alivia and said, "Will you be willing to take me?" She said, "Of course I'll take you." I smiled and saw the doctor walk out. "I'm sorry we can't come. Cameron's been at home with Grayson all day and she texted me that it's not going well so we're going to need to go home." I said, "Its alright. I love you guys." I hugged my mom and dad as they walked out. "Are you ready to go," Alivia asked me. "Definitely," I said as she started pushing me out.

We were coming up to the entrance when I saw one of my teachers working the ticket booth. "Ethan Dolan, how are you feeling?" I said, "I'm doing okay right now." She smiled and said, "Well I hope you feel better and can come back soon." I said thank you as we made our way down and found a perfect spot.

I saw my coach walking up to me as I was in my wheelchair. "Dolan, your awake." I said, "Yep, I've been awake for a couple of days. I just had surgery today so I can only be here for half the game." He said, "Well as long as you're here that makes me feel better. So you think you'll be coming back out soon?" He didn't know. I knew it would break him if he knew I was paralyzed. "You don't know do you?" He gave me a confused look. "I'm paralyzed coach. I have a small percentage of walking again." I saw his face sadden. "Oh I'm sorry kid. Well I think you're a tough kid. You'll push through this. You want to come over to the team?" I shook my head as Alivia starts to push me. We made our way as the team saw me. "Hey Dolan we're missing you a lot on this team," one kid said. "Hey I'm really sorry about what I was doing to you before the accident. I feel really guilty about what happened to you." It was Alex. "Don't blame yourself. It was one accident," I said. He kind of smiled as he patted my leg. "So how's it been so far," He asked. "Well I just had surgery today so I can only stay for half the game," I said. "Oh where did you have it?" I said, "I had to have it on my back." He shook his head and said, "Is that why you're in the wheelchair?" I said, "Well that's part of the reason. I'm paralyzed." His face dropped when I said that. "Damn now I feel really guilty." I said it was okay.

Our team was losing after the halftime. I got into Alivias car and she asked, "Well are you happy now?" I smiled and said, "Yes. I feel a lot happier."

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