Chapter Fifteen.

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A few hours passed by as everyone dispersed from the Wyrm one by one. Nobody really wanted to leave but FP insisted that we all got some rest before the war begun tomorrow. I was helping clean up the bar as Sweet Pea stood around the table with FP running through the plans and where was best for us to go as FP's phone rung causing everyones attention to be diverted to him. 

"No he's at the trailer why?" FP asked sounding concerned, his face immediately fell as I walked on over to stand next to Sweet Pea and Toni. 

"Toni? Where was Penny hiding out?" My heart was pounding as I looked around the bar looking for Jughead, praying that he wasn't with Penny somehow but when I couldn't find him my heart sunk completely. I leant closer to Sweet Pea as I rested a hand on my stomach, looking down at the ring and at our baby. 

Within minutes everyone who was left at the bar was on their motorbikes and heading to Penny Peabody's hideout. I couldn't comprehend what was going on as all I thought about was how we just lost Fangs and now we could quite possibly have just lost Jughead. I blamed myself for letting him leave the bar by himself as a few more tears trickled down my cheeks. They stopped as soon as we pulled up at the side of a bonfire. 

FP was the first one off his bike, walking straight to the fire searching for any sign of Jughead.

"Jug?" FP's voice was hopeful but broken as he searched around the edges of the forest, hearing a slight rustle of leaves he dropped his helmet immediately and rushed into the forest, a couple of the older Serpents following after as backup in case it was a trap set by Penny and the Ghoulies themselves. 

Half an hour past as the younger Serpents hung around silently. Some of us were standing and some of us were leaning against our bikes, waiting for the return of our king and hopefully the return of a live Jughead. Cheryl's arms were holding Toni in a comforting manner making me smile at them slightly, I was so happy that Toni had found the love of her life that I couldn't help but smile even in this situation. 

Sweet Pea and I walked over to Toni and Cheryl, hand in hand, as Betty and Archie came running towards us.

"Where is he? Where's Jug?" Betty asked completely panicked as she saw all of us standing around.

"Guys" Archie interrupted as nobody was speaking up, his eyes fixated on the forest entrance our Serpents had headed in when they first heard the rustles.

FP emerged from the darkness carrying Jughead in his arms, his face was red and I could tell he had been crying. As he stepped closer to the bonfire us younger Serpents followed after Betty and Archie as they stepped closer to the Jones'. Jughead's entire face and body was beaten, battered and bruised. His hair was mattered in blood and he wasn't moving. I looked down at his arm where his Serpent tattoo used to be and saw a chunk of flesh had been cut out, making eye contact with FP he looked absolutely furious but also completely broken. 

This was an act of war and nobody was going to let Penny or the Ghoulies get away with this that's for sure. Betty started hyperventilating as I rushed towards her, she collapsed completely in my arms not taking her eyes off of her boyfriend who was lifeless in his father's arms.

"Jug?" Betty's voice was broken and shaky as she begun sobbing into my arms. 

"Is he... dead?" I breathed out a few moments later as Betty pulled herself together slightly.

"I'm not sure D... we need to get him to the hospital... they can save him... they WILL save him otherwise they'll have me to answer too." FP stated, you could tell he was in denial as he carried Jughead over to Archie's ute, placing him softly in the back and nodding towards Archie and Betty. The both of them rushed to the ute and the three of them took off without another word. 

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