Time to climb

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We all walked up to the bean stalk, It was so huge. Yay I get to climb a huge as  bean stalk! Thank god I didn’t wear heels before leaving Storybrooke or this would have sucked.

‘’It’s a little freakier than I remember from the story’’Emma said

‘’It reminds me of death’’mulan said

‘’encouraging’'Snow said

‘’Yeah, thanks Mulan. That defiantly helps’’I said looking at her and then back at the bean stalk. Yeah it dose look pretty freaky.

‘’Well the compass awaits. Shall we’’Killian said leading us closer

‘’Wait. These beans create portals. Why not just pick one and go home. Why the compass?’’Emma asked

‘’Because there aren't anymore beans. Whatever story you think you know, my dear, is most certainly wrong’’

‘’There a guy named jack, a cow and something about evil giant with the treasure’’Emma said

‘’And the golden goose’’I reminded her.

‘’Yeah the goose’’Emma pointed at me and I smiled.

‘’Sounds like a lovely tale. But the truth is a little more gruesome''

I stopped in front of the bean stalk and I was defiantly not ready for this

‘’The giants grew the beans but rather use them for good they used them to plunder all the lands. Jack's men fought a war defeating all but one of the giants. The beans where destroyed by the giants as they died. If they wouldn’t have the magic no one could. Very bad form’’ Killian explained.

I rolled my eyes at the form thing.His catch phrase. It was still cute though. God, Rose I need to stop thinking of Killian like this. I broke his heart and i have a feeling that he wont want to mend thing's anytime soon.

‘’Evil giants who made portal beans. Why doesn't anymore just go up and grow some more?’’ Emma asked

Man, Emma is full of questions today.

‘’Because one giant survived. The strongest of them all. Now we will have to get passed him to get to the’’

‘’Magic compass’’Snow finished

 I really want my bed right now.

‘’indeed’’Killian said’’The treasure remains. We will have to get to it to find the compass. Now it will guide us to your land’’he said looking at me’’Cora has the means to open a portal with the wardrobe ashes but she cant find your land without the compass. Once we get it we steal the ashes from her and then we are on our way’’

‘’How do we know you aren't just using us to get the compass for Cora?’’Mulan asked

‘’Because you five are more safer company. All I need is a ride back. I will take allegiance to whoever gets me there first’’

‘’Well, we better get climbing’’I said looking up at the beanstalk.

‘’Right, so I failed to mention that the giant enchanted the bean stalk to repels intruders.’’

‘’Yeah, i'm sure that would have been great information Killian’’I said crossing my arms and he rolled his eyes at me with a smirk on his face.

''Alright, so how do we get up there?’’Emma asked

‘’Well I have a counter spell from Cora’’he lifted his arms up’’If you be so kind’’

Snow walked over and stood in front of him and started taking the ropes off. I know my sister well to know that she is glaring at him big time. I walked over to them. Killian lifted his arm up and showed us his bracelet.

‘’I have 2 more of these. Where going to climb up along with me. So which 5 of you lovely lady's are gonna take there places. Go on fight it out. Don’t be afraid to really get into it’’

I rolled my eyes and looked at Snow and Emma.

We were all arguing about who was gonna go up. I wanted to go because I thought it would be fun and I wanted to be around Killian. Maybe have a chance to tell him the truth. Bean stalk climbing bonding?

‘’I will go’’I said walking over to Killian.

‘’What? No Rose!’’Snow said protesting

‘’Sorry Snow but i'm going and i'm not going to listen to you either’’I said crossing my arms.

She glared at me before turning to Mulan and Aurora.

‘’You want to go up, love?’’Killian asked and I nodded

‘’I'm feeling adventurous. And if I fall them whatever’’I said shrugging and I laughed.

Aurora, Milan and Snow where arguing and I was blocking it out.

‘’Hand up here, darling’’he said and I rolled my eyes and put my hand on his shoulder. He took the cuff and placed it on my wrist

‘’That’s a good girl’’ he said  smirking and I rolled my eyes and glared at him. A smile plasted on my face as his beautiful laughter filled my ears. His Neverland blue eyes met mine and I milted. I haven't seen that color in a long time. I have never seen a color so blue before. They truly one matched the Neverland seas. Killian broke my gaze and my hand fell form his shoulder.

‘’In this land we are slaves to time. In other words tick tock’’Killian said hurrying them along. Emma walked over.

‘’Your coming with us?’’I asked

‘’Yep. Anything to get us home’’I nodded and Killian handed her the cuff and she placed it on her wrist.

‘’The cuff will allow you to climb but there are other dangers. Thankfully you two have me to protect you’’he said looking at Emma and then me. Killian put his arm with his hand missing up.

‘’I cant climb one handed can I’’

Emma reached in her bag and pulled out Killian's hook. My mind went to the times where the hook grazed my skin and Killian's beautiful plumb lips on mine. I shook myself out of the daydream as Killian and Emma where beginning to climb.

‘’Liz you coming?’’Emma asked. I nodded and walked over to them. I looked at Emma and smiled at her and she smiled back. I sighed and I started to climb. This is gonna take a while.

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