"I- I tho- I thought..."

"You thought what? That I wouldn't let you? That I wouldn't be happy for you? Tell me!"

My eyes began to water, I've never seen Tom like this I know I made a mistake, why didn't I tell him?!

"No! It's not that! It's that I didn't want to get you dissapointed if I didn't got the part."

"Why on Earth would you get me dissapointed? You have nothing to prove to me. I know, more than anyone, that you are a wonderful actress, so if you didn't got the part I would be shocked that the guy from the casting didn't pick you. For me you are the best. Seriously. And I whish you told me."

"Tom I-.. Tom I'm sorry" I hugged him though he didn't hug me back

"I just want you to know that you can trust me, okay?"

"And I just want you to know that I wanted to make sure I got the part before telling anyone."

"Anyone? Really? I'm anyone?"

"Ohh Tom, stop, okay? You know that is not what I meant."

"Yeah sure.." As he said this, he picked his coat and got out of the apartment, he just left. And I didn't follow him, I saw him leave and that's it. **why was he so mad? Why? I was going to tell him if I got the part...**


You may wanna know what the hell happened after that arguing, well I'll tell you, I didn't follow him nor I texted or called him, so it's been a week almost since that day. That awful day. Btw, this Friday I was going to U.S. to start filming, and I didn't know what to do. Cause I didn't call Tom and he didn't call me, so I was lost.


• Tom's POV

I missed her. You know? Of course I was mad, but I wasn't happy of my reaction either. So stupid to leave. 'Tom, you are screwing everything' I said to myself.

Then I thought, if I miss her this much, I should go and talk to her because if I'm not mistaken she was leaving this Friday. And I know that she needs to go, but at least I need her, I needed one more night till she is gone.

After thinking for a couple of more minutes I got out of my house and went to hers.


• Y/N's POV

I. Miss. Him.

That's it.

I'm going to his house.

As I pick up my phone and headed to the door, my bell rang.

I opened the door.

"Y/N I'm so-" Tom started to say but I cut him and kissed him.

"I'm sorry, it was all my fault, I should be the one apologizing" I said and kissed him again.


"But nothing" I said and we hugged

"ohh I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too"

As Tom came in the apartment I noticed his sexy outfit.

"Wow, you got pretty well dressed! With the white shirt! Hahah kiddin, you are so hot" Goodness indeed he was.

"Ehehe you are gorgeous too, I mean... look at that dress!" He made me blush.

"Hahah thanks" and our lips met again passionately.

He stoped me and said "Wait a sec!"


He put a song, well actually not any song, he put 'Need You Tonight' by INXS.

"Ohh Tom! Really?"

He gave me a mischevious look and started singing 'I need you tonight, cause I'm not sleepin' there's sth about you girl, that makes me sweat!'

I got red like a tomato "Tom stop!"

"Nope, I've waited long enough, and I sure as hell yes I need you!"

I laughed and kissed him.

And as kisses started to getore agressive and passionate, he took my dress off and I took his shirt off as well. **I'm stoping here to make a note as how incredible his body is, have you looked a this abs and chest? Well if not, I suggest you to do it**

He stoped to take some air and asked nervous "Y/N, do you think...well, it's okay? If we, erm I...you know...we actually make this?"

I laughed at how adorable he was.

"Well, as you kept me waiting this long- I'm kiddin Tom! Please I need you don't make me beg!"



((End of chapter 9!!))


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