Chapter 9

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• Y/N's POV

I woke up because my phone was ringing, it was my agent Emily, she is a friend of mine and we know each other since high school. I picked up the phone "hi Em!"

"Hello Y/N!! How have you been?"

"Great!! And you?"

"Awesome! Cause I have wonderful news!!"

"Really?! I have news too! Tell me please!"

"You've got any audition for a new movie with the 'hottest vampire', Ian Somerhalder!!"

"Are you serious?! That's incredible!"

"Yes! I'll send you the script in a few hours, so you can read it and if you like it tomorrow I'll send you the details for the audition."

"OMG! That's incredible! Thank you so much!!"

"No problem dear! You told me you had news?"

"Yes! Hehehe well hmm... Remember Tom?"

"Tom...your friend? How wouldn't I remember?"

"Yes, well kinda he is not just my friend"

"You are saying you and Tom..?!"


"Wow Y/N that's amazing!! I've always thought you two would make a beautiful couple!"

"Haha thanks Em"

"Okay Y/N I've gotta go, congrats and good luck! Call me later if you are interested in the movie! Ps. I would be, I mean come on! It's Ian!"

"Hahahah sure! Bye Em" I laughed and hung up.


I noticed I had a text from Tom: "Y/N I went to buy tea CAUSE APPARENTLY WE ARE OUT OF TEA! This can't happen again ok? Ehehe coming back in a while. Love, Tom. xoxxo"

I smiled at how cute that was, then I heard "it seems you didn't answer back..." It was Tom looking at me serious.

"Sorry, I just read it"

"Ohh it's okay."

**I know what you are thinking, 'Why didn't you tell Tom about the audition?!' Well I'm sorry but I needed to be sure I liked the script and I got the part okay? Btw, I read the script a few hours later, it was awesome!**


We had breakfast, drank tea and spent the day watching movies, romantic movies. **yeah I like romantic movies as well as Marvel movies, we also watched Only Lovers Left Alive and The Deep Blue Sea; I love watching them with Tom cause he remembers every single line and he repeats, it's like his character is the one who is cuddled with me, I love it.**


The next day, Tom had an interview and Emily came to our apartment and I did the audition for the part, then we talked about how my relationship with Tom developed. Then I said goodbye to her cause I had an interview.


The interviewer was nice, when I came back, I realized Tom was on the phone.

" Em! I didn't know, I'll tell Y/N when she comes back, bye darling!"

He hung up and then looked at me

"So apparently you have a part in a new movie and I didn't know you made an audition for it..."

"Tom..I- I don't know- I'm sorry, I don't know what to say"

"Yeah I've noticed that... Why you didn't tell me you had an audition?"

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