Chapter 3-The Rotten Egg

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I'm not a fan of taking care of the freezer section much because most of the items I have to stock are packaged in heavy boxes that I have to take out of the backroom. After I finish putting the last gallon of milk on its designated shelf, I wheel my empty cart back into the storage room. On my way inside, my stomach starts tingling and I narrow my eyes trying to see around the dark room for the demon.

I pause by one of the tables and walk around a few buckets in search of it. However, I accidentally bump into a smaller bucket and it spills all over the floor. A giant rat drifts out of the bucket and I cover my mouth in disgust and horror at the grotesque sight of its dead, limp body covered in the dark liquid.

"Valerie!" I hear Colin holler.

Since he's holding the door open more light comes into the backroom. I stagger back from the red murky looking liquid the rat is soaked in.

"Ew!" I shriek and then turn toward my 'manager' for an explanation.

"I'm sorry Valerie, but I'm going to have to fire you." Colin announces in a serious voice which just doesn't suit him.

Seriously? What, just for spilling this bucket of...blood? He can't fire me for something so silly. 

"Why?" I breathe out feeling confused and a little offended since he's my friend.

Colin grunts while picking the bucket up, "Corporate. We are doing cutbacks and I can only keep essential staff. There are plenty other better places you can find to work in town."

All I can do is stare as he wordlessly carries the bucket into the walk-in freezer without even noting the dead rat by my feet. Corporate? What does he even mean? His family's owned this small store for like a century.

"Colin, please!" I beg after exorcising the dead demonic rat.

I follow him into the freezer and nearly gag smelling all the old blood.

"W-what is this place? Jasper told me the buckets were full of water." I deadpan while seeing a very human looking meaty skull on a wooden box in the corner of the freezer.

Before I can get a better look, Colin steps out and shuts the door cutting off my view.

"What's going on here Colin?" I tremble with a sick feeling in my gut.

Something passes over his face and his eyes darken. With a gulp, I step away from him when he makes an animalistic growl. In a rush, he covers his mouth backing away from me and I raise an eyebrow.

I fold my arms and bite my lip watching him carefully, "Does Stella know? How long have you been keeping this from her?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." He replies in a strained voice while covering his mouth.

After a moment, he straightens up and regains his composure.

"Colin, if something is wrong just tell me. What is all this blood doing here and why are you firing me so spontaneously?" I ask.

"I can't tell you." He whispers with a defeated look.

He hangs his head while trudging back into the main area of the store. There's no way he would be keeping this blood all to himself. Just who else could he possibly be feeding this blood to and who even turned him to begin with? Could he be cheating on Stella? And how did he not notice the dead rat I found in the bucket?

"So that's it? You're just going to fire me because I happened to discover you stocking up blood for someone? If you had nothing to hide you would just admit who turned you and what you're doing running this side-business!" I yell while running after him. I follow him into the employee break room and he hands me my jacket and purse.

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