My Second Date

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It was already noon and the two got out of bed to get ready. Irene was in the shower while Seulgi was at the mirror putting on her makeup. Then Irene put her head out the shower telling Seulgi that she forgot her towel and asking her to hand one over to her, but asked her to close her eyes when handing it to her.

"There's a towel in the closet, but close your eyes okay!" Irene said
Seulgi didn't respond but went outside the bathroom to grab the towel.
"Don't peak okay!!!"
Seulgi walk over to Irene with her eyes closed with the towel on her hand. As Seulgi hand the towel over to Irene she opened her eyes.

"Yah!!! I told you not to look!!!!!" Irene screamed.
"Hey you have a tattoo!!!!"
"No i don't!!!"
"Uhhh yea you do it's on your side!!!"

Seulgi tried to pull the towel away from Irene to get a better look of the tattoo that was on Irene's side, but instead of only pulling the towel away, Seulgi pulled Irene towards her causing her to fall on top of her. Irene sat up and the two opened their eyes. Seulgi looked at Irene and Irene was blushing and she threw the towel over at Seulgi's face to that she won't she her run naked to the closet. But Seulgi already saw the tattoo on Irene.

"Why am I the only one who always ended up getting naked!!!!" Irene yelled in the closet.
"Hey if it makes you feel better.... I did see your tattoo!" said Seulgi.

Irene got out the closet and pouted at Seulgi. But Seulgi grabbed her by the arm and pulling her to the floor and kissed her.

"There!! i'm sorry! Am I forgiven?!?" said Seulgi then stood up to go to the bathroom to finish her makeup.
"Just take god you're cute and I can never stay mad at you!" Irene said as she got up to go and do her makeup as well.
"By the way, why would you hide your tattoo from me, I mean sooner or later i'll have to see it!" seulgi questioned.
"I'll show you but not now"
"Hmmmm.... okay"
"I will.... but not now"

After putting on make up, the two got out the house and went out to the car.

"So where are we going?!?" Irene asked
"Let's just drive and let's she where it'll take us" Seulgi smiled at Irene.

Seulgi decided to take Irene to a place where they'll both enjoy on their date.

"Ahhh! I have an idea" said Seulgi.
"Let's go to Lotte World!!!"

Irene shrieking from excitement and kissed Seulgi at the cheek.

In a couple minutes they arrived to the theme park. The two went to every ride there was in the park. They even shared cotton candy together. It was a healing time for the two. The last ride they went to was the merry go round. Seulgi was mesmerized by Irene on how beautiful she looks today. She felt as if she dreaming right now. Irene's smiled definitely melted Seulgi's heart. Like who would've except that they'll ended up be together again. They were both happy that day.

"I like how our hands fits so well together" said Irene.

Seulgi didn't say anything but smiled. The two stopped walking and faced each other.

"You know I have a feeling that this is my second date with you..." said Seulgi while looking into Irene's eyes.
"It does, doesn't it?"
Seulgi nodded.
"I just hope we'll have more dates to look forward to"
All Seulgi did was smiled. She feels a bit nervous and worried that maybe this might be their last date like last time. Seulgi took a step closer to Irene and hugged her really tight.

"Joohyun-ah! Please don't leave me ever again!!!!" said Seulgi with tears streaming down her face.
"S-Seulgi.... do you remember me now?"
"I can never forget you!! I can never stop loving you. There has not been a day that I've never thought about you!!! I'm sorry but I don't have amnesia and I've never got into an accident. I made it all up because I was embarrassed to faced the fact that I've waited for you to come back after all these years...."
"S-so you lied to me?!?"
"I'm sorry!" said Seulgi as let go of Irene.

Irene took both of Seulgi's hand and looked at her.

"I understand that you're both upset and mad... I know I deserved that... And I'm not mad at you!!! I don't blame you! But I want to ask you one thing"

Seulgi didn't respond but looked at Irene.

"Can we just start forget about everything and just move on?" said Irene

Irene hugged Seulgi who was crying nonstop and didn't let her go. The two were standing there for a minute, as if they're the only two person in the world. Irene let go of Seulgi and kissed her on her forehead and grabbed her hand and said:

"Let's go home bear!"
Seulgi wiped her face and nodded.

To be continued...


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