CHAPTER 5: Unlike Late Summer '17

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17 year old Milan in MM

"It didn't do nothing! It was..."
-a child pleading his or hers case while they're mother interrogate them with a belt in her hand

DECEMBER 16, 2021

"Wake up bitch!" I felt water being splashed on me causing me to jump outta my bed.

I felt something tug on my leg feeling myself being pulled on the floor burning my thigh from the carpet.

I used my nails to try and stop him from dragging me to the darkest place of the small apartment. "Stop I-I-I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! I SWEAR!" I yelled as I felt him pull on my legs harder causing my nail to pull back a bit.

I started to cry harder from the burning of my nail.

"JOE DON'T PUT ME IN THERE I'M SORRY FOR WHAT EVER I DID I'M SORRY!" I yelled once he stopped in front of the bug infested closet. "STOP!" I jumped up from my ragged torture in cold sweats and tears.

I was in the dark and it was cold. From the flat surface I could tell it was a basement.

I wiped my eyes before I started to scream out. "HELP ME! HELP ME!" No one had answered though.

So I tried to get up and run to the stairs but fell when I noticed that I was tied to a rope. "WHAT DID I DO NOW!?" I whimpered going back to where I once was.

I put my knees up to my shirt and tried to rock myself back to sleep but knowing that'll just lead to my never ending torture I just rocked my self and let the tears over flood my face.

You always doing something you stupid bitch.

I didn't do anything.

Yes you did. Who do you think it is this time? Jayon? Asia?

I haven't talk to those people in years.

You didn't know who the hell Hayes was until he tried to kill you in the hosptial. Kai didn't even owe you a dime and he wrecked and shot up the car. Hirem died because of something you did. YOU DID!

"SHUT UP!" I yelled taking the hair tie out my hair feeling overwhelmed and into a tight space.

You did every thing you say you didn't. You're pathetic.

"SOMEONE LET ME OUT OF HERE! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT!" I screamed once again losing my mind.

I needed to get out.

I'm going nuts again. I didn't do so good in therapy to turn back now.

The door finally opened and a man comes in with a plate and a bowl.

Is that the same guy that ate me out. Oscar the Grouch? "Please let me out of here. I didn't even do nothing to you!"

Did I?

"Its not me who you need to be talking to. Mad is who."

"Who the fuck is he!? Look let me out. I won't tell I promise I'm not a snitch."

"You wouldn't be able to snitch even if you did because id kill you before you thought about leaving without Mad or without giving me my information that I need." He said bending down to my level. "Eat up you look a lil pale." He smirked slapping my face in a joking manner before standing up. I moved the bowl to me to see orange liquid in it.

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