Chapter 42

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I sat down on the stairs of one of the little tent house things. I looked over at Killian who was seated at a picnic table. I wanted to walk over tell him how sorry I am and that everything I said was a lie but I couldn’t. He didn’t want them to know anything, I could tell. Emma  and Mulan walked over to him and  Emma set a cup down in front of him.

‘’Here you go’’she said, kindly.

‘’I cant thank you enough for your kindness. The fortune  it seems fit to show me favor''Kilian said

He took a drink for his water and I looked at Emma, who I could tell has a plan.

‘’An island full of corpses and you’re the only one to escape. How exactly did that happen?’’Emma asked clearly drilling him.

‘’She attacked at night quickly in one fast swoop. When she started ripping hearts out I hid under the bodies of the others that had been killed, pretended to be dead myself’’ He actually sounded scared.

‘’So much for fortune favoring the brave’’Emma said.

‘’No it' all I could do to survive’’Killian said. He is really good at acting but I could see throw it. I guess its because I know him.

I saw Emma bend down a little in front of him, resting hger arms on the table.

‘’I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I'm pretty good at knowing when someone is lieing to me’’Emma said

‘’I'm telling you the truth’’Killian instated and I could tell she wasn’t buying it.

‘’We should leave here in case Cora decides to come back’’Mulan said. I to up from my seat

‘’Good idea’’I said and I slowly walked down the steps. Killian looked at me quickly and then back at his cup.

‘’We should continue to find a portal back to Storybrooke. I only got about 5 minutes with my husband not to mention my grandson’’Snow said

‘’You have a grandson?’’Killian asked with a smile.

‘’long story’’Snow said which caused me to laugh slightly and I got to the table and I next to Aurora.

‘’I know this land well I can guide you’’before Killian could finish Emma grabbed the back of his head bringing his head up and had a knife to his throat.

‘'Emma stop!’’I yelled

‘’you aren't going to guide us anywhere until you tell us who you really are’’

Well i guess even though I didn’t tell them they found out, well Emma did but still.

Emma found It necessary to tie him to a tree. I didn’t have to say anything because Emma would find out one way or another and it was kinda funny see this little act he was doing.

‘’I'm not lieing I told you i'm just a blacksmith’’He begged and I almost started laughing because he's a pirate.

‘’Sure you are’’

Emma used her fingers and whistled. Oh my god, seriously Emma!              

‘’Don’t want to talk to us? maybe you will talk to the ogres  when they rip you from limb to limb’’Emma said.

‘’Emma isn’t this a little to much’’I said and she turned to me and put her finger to her lips and I rolled my eyes at her. I'm going to have to tell them I don’t want an ogre to eat him alive. I heard the ogre growl and I jumped.

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