Full Moon

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Taehyung (19 y/o) x reader (18 y/o)

Enjoy :)


*Taehyung's POV*

I came home after a long day of school and throw my bag somewhere in the hall.

'Mom i'm home!'
I shout when my mother shouts a hey back.

I immediately run upstairs to my room and change into comfy clothes.

I'm about to lie down on my bed, when my mother shouts 'dinner is ready!'
'Coming!' I shout when i start walking, annoyed, downwards.

(Time skip after dinner)

I walk back to my room and look outside the window, and see a big full moon.

'Fuck' I mutter under my breath.

You see, my parents and i are werewolves, we're in the pack called 'Blue Moon Pack'. The alpha is called Min Yoongi, and his beta's (2nd highest ranking) Kim Namjoon and Jeon Jeongguk. My parents and i are omega's. The 2nd lowest ranking unfortunately.

I open my window and jump out, swiftly landing on my legs. I already feel the impact of the moon, and run the dark forest in.

*Y/N's POV*

I run and run, swiftly avoiding the trees. My paws are starting to get tired, and when i think the other werewolves aren't following me anymore, i stop to rest a little. I turn back to my human form. I grab my bag and put on my clothes. I walk to a nearby river to drink something, then lie down against a tree and close my eyes.

'Fucking alpha, he really had to kick me out huh.'

I'm starting to tear up at the thought of being a rogue (a rogue is a wolf that is kicked out from a pack, rogue's are getting killed most of the times).

'I really need to find my soulmate, hopefully it is an alpha.'

I'm really tired but i need to keep going, i need to find my soulmate. The Blue Moon Pack is here somewhere i believe. Lets hope my soulmate is there, for my life's sake.

And with that thought i grab my bag, turn into my wolf form, and start running further into the forest.

*Taehyung's POV*

I'm fully wolf form now. While i'm running i hear something crack. I turn around and look in the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen. I can immediately feel that that wolf is my soulmate, she probably felt the same as we both turn back into our human form. We quickly put on our clothes.

'Hey, i'm Taehyung, what is your name?' I gently spoke.

'I- i'm Y/N..'. Her voice is as beautiful as her eyes.

'Dont be nervous, i'm not gonna hurt you.'
I said as i can see how nervous she looks.

'B- but i'm a- a rogue..'

*Y/N's POV*

'B- but i'm a- a rogue..' i spoke while stuttering as i look at Taehyung, my soulmate.
I see a little surprise in his eyes, but that's gone quickly.

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