Chapter Eleven: Family Reunion

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I pulled out a cigarette and took a long drag on the roll of paper. I hadn't smoked for years until my husband started. He offered me a cigarette, and I took it. I couldn't believe that I had ever quit.

I checked myself out in the mirror as I thought of my mother. Jeez, I was fat. A little while ago, I decided that I really didn't care about my weight. I was a baker, so obviously, I had been a bit overweight, but now I broke 200... I snorted as I groped at the fat on my stomach.

I couldn't believe that I was pregnant AGAIN. Sure kids were great, but 3 of them was going to be a bit much. I thought of my baby sister, Hannah, who was pregnant with her boyfriend... poor girl... I must tell her that it's fun and nice... she trusts me...

I frowned to myself as I thought of my mother... overdose... I wouldn't put it past her.

I started packing my clothes. I had to go to Ottawa for my mother... I was planning on going for Hannah's baby shower anyway. I decided to cancel my other flight and leave tonight.


The taxi pulled up at the hospital. I slapped on my cheerful face that Hannah believed was my true one, and strode into the hospital building.

I looked through the window to the hospital room, and was met with a still yet sweet sight. Hannah, my sweet little Hannah, was sitting at my mother's bedside, her stomach protruding out in front of her. Her soft violet eyes were trained on our mother's still body. Her smoking hot boyfriend- I think his name was James or something- was by Hannah's side, a reassuring arm wrapped tenderly around her shoulders. One of Hannah's hands rested on her boyfriend's knee, and the other gently rubbed her tummy. Hannah bit her supple pink lip, her beautiful caramel-chocolate hair stirring slightly. (She was the lucky one. The night when she was conceived, my mother had nabbed a real hottie. With me, my dear old dad was a fat slob who ate a chocolate bar as he and my mom slept together. I was disgusted by this story.)

I looked at my mother, all garnished with tubes and needles, and I realised that she might die. I felt anger rising up in me, setting my cheeks aflame. Tears burned my eyes as I turned the doorknob. I walked in, a tear slipping down my face as I cuddled my baby sister in my arms. She would be okay.


Jasper's POV

Her face was heartbroken, crushed, confused. Her violet eyes swam with tears as she looked at her mother. Her hand rested on my knee, and I had placed a protective arm around her. Hannah was hurting and vulnerable, and I couldn't let anything bad happen to her. My lips pressed against her wet cheek as I heard the noise of a door opening from behind me.

I turned around, only to see a strange woman walk in the door. She was quite fat, and she smelled of smoke. She was in a basic denim jacket, jeans and a black t-shirt. Her light brown hair was brushed back in a very sloppy ponytail, and her pale blue eyes stared at Hannah in pure love.

This must be Hannah's sister, Rachel.

Rachel and Hannah immediately embraced, and they stared at their mother in utter confusion. The two women held each other's hand as they cried.

Hannah's mother was in a semi-coma, which meant there was an equal chance of her dying as there was not.

I couldn't stand to see Hannah in such a state of confusion, love and hatred. This needed to be resolved. This needed to be over.

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