Ranking Up (Viggo X Reader)

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Since it's never revealed how old Viggo is, we're gonna say he's 26 here, and you can decide what age you want to be.



Being a woman in the dragon hunting business wasn't the easiest way of life. But you vowed at a young age to become the best of the best. So you worked hard everyday, training yourself to withstand any physical attack. You'd even trained yourself to be quick-witted, knowing that intelligence was just as important as brute strength.

After years upon years of blood, sweat, and tears, you'd finally earned yourself a place next to Viggo. You ranked just below his brother, making you the third most powerful person in the trade.

"I'd never seen anything like it, Viggo," Ryker explained, "the dragons were listening to these..these teenagers." He went on with squinted eyes, "they wore saddles, and the night fury had a false tail."

Viggo looked toward you at his side as if to ask for your opinion on the subject. "People riding dragons.." You observed, thinking for a moment.

"They could turn out to be an unwanted wrinkle in our operation," Viggo explained.

But you couldn't help your smirk from growing, "yet, I must say I'm impressed."

"They blew up our ships and freed thousands of coin worth of dragons," Ryker growled at you.

"Now, brother," Viggo held a hand up Ryker. He shot you a smirk and went on, "(y/n)'s right; perhaps we could learn this way of dragon riding, and use it against the riders if they ever attempt to interfere again."

"You took the words right out of my mouth," you replied smoothly to the handsome leader. The way Viggo looked at you made your heart flutter; he was proud of you, he admired you. It was obvious in his dark eyes.

Ryker glared from his brother to you, then stomped out of the tent. Viggo sighed and turned his body toward you, who stood a few feet away leaning over his desk. "You truly never dissapoint, dear (y/n)," Viggo complimented, a charming smile on his lips.

"I do my best," you responded with a smile.

"Of course, you do," Viggo went on in pride, "you've contributed to our way of life in ways not even I could have imagined." He took a step toward you as you straightened up, "you've become of great value to me."

To him. Not just to the business, not just a valuable hunter, a value to him. To Viggo. You'd spent so much of your life competing that you never gave much thought into a love life. But when Viggo praised you like this, you couldn't help but long for more. You wanted more than just a business relationship with him, more than friendship, even.

"Well," you grinned somewhat nervously at him, "I'm..honored."

When Viggo chuckled, you felt your knees weaken. "Oh, what am I going to do with you," he smirked in amusement, tucking a hair behind your ear.

You were shocked by the sweetness in his voice, and confused by his words. "W-what do you mean?" You stuttered, face reddening as you tried to step backwards. But your back hit the support of his tent, keeping you in place.

"You're a smart girl," Viggo began, tilting his head slightly, "haven't you guessed?" His gaze burned into your soul in a way that felt almost comfortable. "I know I've been making it obvious enough.....perhaps you're indifferent," he frowned and stepped back, not wanting to make you feel pressured into anything.

"Indifferent?" You questioned. "Viggo.." You breathed, realizing what he meant. He was right, you were smart, and you had figured him out. Happiness flowed through your body as you closed the distance between your bodies. When his chest touched your own, you brought a hand to his cheek. Taking this as encouragement, Viggo gently wrapped his arms around your back.

For a moment, Viggo only stared into your eyes. You took in his features and calm expression; you knew now, you wanted to belong to this man, and him to belong to you. Finally, you leaned in and closed your eyes. Your lips softly brushed his, then latched on with passion. You felt his arms tighten around you, bringing you fully against his body.

When your lips parted, Viggo rested his forehead against yours for a moment, breathing in your air. He then lifted his head, his face suddenly serious. "I want you to know, that I see you as my equal," Viggo assured you.

You smiled in amusement and responded, "don't tell Ryker that; he'd be furious if he knew I out-ranked him."

Viggo laughed lightly and stroked your hair with care, "frankly, I don't care what he thinks of it; he knows his place." Placing a quick kiss on your forehead, he looked into your eyes with an almost dreamy look, "and I hope you know yours."

You curled up into his chest, letting him just enjoy holding you. Hearing his racing heart made you smile and realize that he'd actually been nervous. Viggo, nervous. It was adorable. You sighed and closed your eyes, not wanting this to ever end, "I do now."

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