Part 14

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Belated valentines day to all of you guys... Well i dont know how this part is.. maybe I've rushed in too much into it.. but the story must move on I guess so here you go...

Her pulse increased and he felt the thud on his lips, he pecked his way through her nape while squeezing her back more to his front. His hands snaked around her and tightened around, a moan escaped her lips making him graze his teeth at the very spot he was kissing.

She turned around and their eyes met. His blazing gaze met her calming eyes just to smoke out the surroundings. His eyes burning with the thirst to claim her and her eyes were waiting to engulf him in her soul.

His hands slid slowly on her back, down, down and down till it reached the small curve of her lower back. She couldn't hold his gaze, turning her face down to the right she felt his action continuing and his palm gliding more down on her bottom, she shut her eyes close and moaned loud feeling his wet lips at the very tip of her left ear. He pressed his lips more and she gasped more for her breathe.

"you are mine!" He bit a little lower making her pink skin read.

"tell me you are mine!" His hand which was almost on her bottom pressed her more to him.

"jee!" Was all she could gather in whatever little control she had over her breathe and body.

"Say that again!" He grazed his teeth onto her skin

"jee!" She moaned and her voice faded


"jee, jee uthiye!" Her voice came in.

"say that again" he was still whispering

"jee?" She knotted her brows but he whispered again

"uthiye!" She finally yelled

"huh!" He jolted up from his sleep and looked at her, her face glowed from the sun rays that peaked behind her.

'it was a dream!' He held her gaze. He was still catching his breathe.

"good morning" she greeted and waited.

"good morning" he hoarse back but clearing his throat he got up from his bed.

'It was all a dream!' He was still in a trauma, trauma? The trauma of it not being true! He realised.

'his room is sunny nowadays!' He thought but soon remembered she started opening the curtains where he never bothered to peak outside.

"kya badbada rahe the aap" she asked

"huh?" He turned back halfway through the washroom.

She held his gaze "tumhe pata, me to neend me tha" he turned back again while completely aware of his sleep talk.

'has he said everything? Has she heard everything!' He scrunched his eyes shut in embarrassment.

"when I came in you were saying 'say that again, say that again!'." She chuckled "were you in between a fighting sequence or what!" She chuckled more and he went all-over her sweet laugh. Turning around he glanced once at her pretty face and turned to freshen up when she said the same.

Its their reception today!


There were calls on calls, messages, personal, on social media everywhere.

#Karan_Tripura's_Reception, went on trending. Celebs started posting pictures of them getting ready for the event, some showing their love with kind words to some sending personal gifts.

Here in the mansion Karan sat munching on his cereals while Tripura sat on the sofa. Two girls at her feet and two besides her. They were manicuring her and soon started with the mehendi.

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