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Omegan trading, selling and pimping was an illegal act, a crime against humanity right up there with torture but omegas are still thought of as useless breeders even with the rights they have and the places of power they work in. It didn't matter what an omega achieved, they somehow slept their way to the top.

There were alphas, betas and omegas. The warriors, the workers and the breeders. The stereotypical thoughts of each roles was the root of the problems.

Omegas were supposed to be small, smelt like something sweet and couldn't amount to anything without an alphas dick up a hole. They had to have an alpha by their side or they would go insane with each heat they suffer alone. They were sweet and innocent, happy to Do whatever their alpha says.

Betas were asexual assholes who lived to work for alphas and look down at omegas. They would never find a mate. They were smaller then alphas but bigger then omegas, or they should be, and had very little scent.

Alphas were big and strong, their scent over powering even when they weren't in rut. They needed a good little cock warmer of an omega to breed and fuck whenever they feel like it. They had to be tough and ready to fight anyone and anything.

The stereotypes that had once controlled everyone's lives weren't true but many still stuck to them, mainly alphas and a handful of omegas and betas hold onto these thoughts.


Brock wasn't one of them but it probably had something to do with how he grew up. His parents were; His mother was a stereotypical omega and his father was her alpha. She stayed home to have children and to cook and clean while his father went to work.

Brock was strong willed, he was a bit bigger then some of the other children and he protected his friends from the bully. It made his parents excited, he would be an alpha! He had to be!

By the time he was in his second year of high school, Brock was taller then the omegas and a bit taller then some of the betas. Everyone knew that he would present as an alpha soon.

To their surprise, he didn't present that year. Or junior year. Or senior year. He presented during spring break of his freshman year in collage.

Brock had presented as an omega.

His parents didn't understand, he had all aspects of being an alpha! He didn't even smell like an omega!

Even though he was surprised Brock didn't question his biology because he knew omegas can be stubborn, can be protective and have some alpha traits.

But he lied to his friends and found a way to hide his scent and when he went into his heats. His appearance scared alphas and he protected the omegas on campus. This gained him a following, a form of thankfulness where the other omegas helped him during his heats.

With Brock's appearance he was instantly accepted into the omegan protective services  and put undercover to stop omega sex trafficking rings. He became a pimp, to save other omegas.

He was perfect, busting rings and moving from state to state and city to city to stop these rings and to save the abused omegas. The omegan protective services worked closely with the special victims unit and the omega heat house called "your lighthouse" Brock's undercover operation stayed afloat. He was able to buy omegas and make sure they got back on their feet.

People donated to OPS and half of that went to Brock. He traded omegas but they were usually betas scented to seem like omegas and were always cops or volunteers. Brock's work saved hundreds of people from rape, molestation and forced pregnancies. People were more then thankful to him but no one knew that he was an omega. His secret kept in such a way that less then four people knew he was an omega, everyone else thought he was an alpha and he played that role well.

He won't stop until every omega ring is busted and the pimps put behind bars.


Brian was smaller then some of the other children, a bit more calm and relaxed but fiercely stubborn. His parents were "liberal thinkers", they didn't care what their child presented as or tried to guess. They just did their jobs and took care of him.

Brian presented early, in sophomore year of high school, and he presented as an alpha. He was still smaller then other alphas, barley bigger then a beta but he was still an alpha. Although he had a soft side he knew what was right and did what he wanted when he wanted if it meant that someone wouldn't get hurt. He was strong but he didn't seem to have much muscle, keeping him thinner then what was supposed to be from an alpha.

He survived his first rut and managed to join an academy to prepare for joining a police unit. He excelled, his small size against larger alphas allowed him to be flexible and nimble to avoid fists and kicks aimed his way. With his small stature he was sent undercover as an omega to breach sex rings.

He did his job well and gained praise from the omegas and few betas he helped.

The two were underestimated, thought to be the total opposite of their appearance. Two people who had so many similarities but multiple difference just had to cross paths.

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