That Girl, Hired!

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[(A/N), HELL o, and happy late Valentine's day everyone! Seeing as this day makes most of us depressed, I decided to post, to make everyone's day even worse-

So, the original chapter was over 4.500 words, too long. So I've decided to put a limit in my words. So I'll try to keep all chapters under 2.500 words? ]

[ Y/N's P.O.V ]

I woke up quiet early today, I feel very refreshed. It feels like I haven't slept in years... and if I'm being honest, me and sleep aren't the best of friends, coffee is my ally, when was coffee invented? I don't care, shut up.

I get up and release a yawn, who would've thought coffins are that comfortable? I'm officially a hardcore vampire. I go to the kitchen- apparently there's no bathroom- and brush my teeth as well as comb my hair. Ugh, my right hand hurts like hell, did I sleep on it? I hum my favorite song with a mouthful of leaking toothpaste while doing so. [(A/N), ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )]

I walk in the front part of the shop, I look around, Undertaker is surprisingly sleeping still. Huh, so he does sleep after all... Where is he sleeping? Oh, funny you asked, he is laying in a corpse- like position on top of the front counter, no wonder he's always scaring half his costumers away, this man is helpless...

I decide to not wake him up... damn, did he seriously stay up all night pestering my bird?

I write him a note as to not worry him and balance on top of his nose before grabbing my stuff and going out at the cold, unforgiving streets of... an anime universe? Where is this taking place again? London? Someplace in England, doesn't matter. It's London...

As soon as I step to the outside world I breath at the fresh air, closing my eyes. It is at moments like that that you could really appreciate life. I open my eyes and cringe immediately when the blinding light of the yellow asshole hits my eyes. That's why I never appreciate life.

Enough about my ranting though, I'm in dying need of [(A/N), assistance] money and a place to stay, I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd love to camp at the side of the road next to some local fisherman's shop. Who doesn't love the smell of fish guts at the morning? Ok... I definitely need a place to stay.

I'm now making my way downtown, [(A/N), running away from my sexuality] at the market I was yesterday, humming silently, greeting people who were kind enough to wave at the crazy person who has a birdcage under their armpit. I look down at my pocket watch,


"Good morning, sir!"

"I'm not a sir, you twat." I never said I greeted them politely. I mean, c'mon it's only trousers, and it's gets annoying after the tenth time! I smooth out my button up, I need to find a place to change...

"Sir-! Watch out!"

"I'm not a bloody-!" I turn around and my eyes widened from what I see, a town boy, no younger than ten years old is ridding a carriage with the horses running in wild in zigzags and knocking people and vegetables down.

"Run!" One of the horses ran over a kid painting the cobblestone street red.

"They're heading towards the harbour!"
The horses have foam running down the sides of their mouths. Something's smelling fishy, and it isn't the dead fish.

The carriage passes me by an inch, an inch before I was officially roadkill.
I have to do something! I can't just let people die... That would make such a mess...

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