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Please do read my new story inspired by the wonders and magnificence of Greek Mythology called The Lady and the Sun which is now available here in Wattpad! It is a completed work already and the chapters will be posted along the way. The book is already available for print in demand in paperback format and eBook at so please grab a copy now! The story that will be posted in here is the unedited, first draft of the story.

Blurb of the story:

Theia Strassenberg was living a normal life as a high school girl—that was if forgetting the first twelve years of her life and seeing the future were considered a normal thing. Then she met the mysterious, but handsome, Holden who possessed such unearthly talent in music and loved to tell stories about Ancient Greek Mythology. One night, as she was watching the night sky with him while he told her his favorite tales, a monstrous wild boar attacked them. Her first instinct was to run but Holden had something in mind—he fought the boar with a golden bow that appeared out of nowhere. When she woke up the next day, her world changed as she learned the truth of the memories she had forgotten and the future-telling curse she had.

The Past, The Love, The MemoriesTahanan ng mga kuwento. Tumuklas ngayon