Return to Gallifrey

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The check up went as well as Rose had expected it would. Sarafen was now resting quietly in her room while Rose set the coordinates for Gallifrey.

"I hope the council accepts her, and understands the need to finish my test. The Doctor has to be here for this."

The Tardis hummed in agreement.

"Well I'm going to go get some robes ready for Sarafen to meet the Council."

Rose wondered down the hallway towards her room, her mind wandering back and forth between the Doctor and Sarafen. So much cruelty in the universe, it was no wonder that the Doctor found it had to be happy most of the time.

"Doctor, I hope it hasn't reached you yet."

Rose pulled open the wardrobe and glanced around for some robes for her and Sarafen.

Knocking softly on Sarafen's door, Rose opened it slowly and looked at the sleeping child. So peaceful and happy even after all the wrong that has happened to her.

"Sarafen, were here. I brought some robes from my house for you to wear."

Sarafen sat up and yawned.

"Ok, can we eat too?"

Her voice was soft as she looked at Rose shyly.

"Of course, once your dressed I'm sure the Tardis will have it ready."

Sarafen looked at her questioningly.

"You house makes your food?"

Rose smiled, "Yep, and if you ask her nicely she can help you get anything you need."

Sarafen smiled and looked at the ceiling, "Can I have pancakes?"

The Tardis hummed and Rose smiled.

"She said she would be happy to make you some pancakes."

Sarafen jumped of the bed and bounced up and down in front of Rose.

"Well let's get dressed, Pancakes!"

Rose smiled; The Doctor was going to love her. They both had an infatuation with a food. Once they were dressed and fed Rose lead Sarafen towards the door.

"While we're here try and stay close to me ok?"

Sarafen nodded and grabbed Roses hand.

"Like glue." Rose nodded and opened the Tardis door.

Romana was standing there waiting for her.

"Back so soon? I figured you'd be out running around saving planets for awhile."

Rose smiled. "Nope, ran into a bigger problem that needs to be addressed with the high council as soon as I get someone to watch over Sarafen."

Romana looked behind Rose at the small girl holding onto her arm. Romana pointed to her, "I take it she's Sarafen?"

"Yeah, found her on Barcelona. She was a slave there so I kind of adopted her and took her with me."

Romana smiled and nodded.

"Well I would be happy to take her while you deal with your important business."

Rose looked at Sarafen and smiled, "This is your new aunt Romana, she's going to take care of you while I go and meet with some important people ok?"

Sarafen nodded and walked over to Romana.

"Hi Sarafen, I thought maybe we can get some treats and head down to the park. Does that sound like fun?"

Sarafen smiled and grabbed Romana's hand. "Just head down to the park when you're done, if we're not there we'll be back at the house."

Rose nodded and headed towards the citadel. This news would hopefully get her back to the Doctor sooner, at the same time bring darkness to the bright days of peace the planet has had.

A/N: THis Chapter may be revised a little due to the giant cliff hanger here that doesn' t really seem to flow into the next chapter.... DOn't know why it ended up like that but hopefully I can fix it :-/

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