Chapter 35 - Sickness

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Hey guys! :) I am so stressed because of school. My eyebags are so big nowww. O.o Enjoy the chapter guys! 


This could not get any worse. Right after I got home from the Hyuga Compound, I threw myself in my bed to rest. And guess what? I was sick. High fever, cough and colds. Sasuke entirely knew that he was forgiven, so the issue's over. 

Now, I'm desperately in my bed, reading a book, while my fever goes down. My mom's just at the Academy, getting the books I left there when I was still not graduating. Dad was on a mission, so I guess I wont be able to give some orders. Hah.

Although that I do believe reading makes your head spin around when you have colds, I still wanna read. Well, its the only thing I can do now. 

Well, here's the best and worst part. 

Sasuke has just asked me to go out with him. So did Naruto. 

I couldn't say NO for an answer, besides, Sasuke is meeting me on 3'o clock. And Naruto is on 5'o clock. Although they will be meeting me on Saturday both, this could work out. But then... here's the bad news. Mom told me that Naruto came by when I was asleep. He said that I will be meeting him at 3, which is me and Sasuke's time to go out! What the hell.

Who should I go out with? 


I am in love with both of them. 

What else can I say?


I heard mom's voice downstairs. I could barely get up. But I tried and now, I'm walking towards her, "What?"

She glanced at me, "It's Friday. Tomorrow's Saturday. Who will you go out with?" she asks as her gaze went a bit dark but started squealing like a random fangirl, "Choose that handsome Uchiha kid."

I frowned. "MOM!" 

"Just kidding," she giggled, "But you see, sooner or later, you must choose." She's right; If I don't choose, I'll be hurting them both. But if I do choose, one will get hurt. And I don't want that to happen. They're both the lights that lifted me up, that's why I'm here now. That's why. . . I'm strong. 

If you were me, who would you choose?

I'm lost. 


And I don't know where to go. 


Short chapter BUT I have this all planned. And yes, after this, there will be a sequel, so you may party now! xD 

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