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"At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over and life is like a song"

December 30th.

Harry and I haven't spoken about the other day, we've just both acted like it never happened.

But it did happen, I had a very colourful time in the shower yesterday morning remembering it.

I literally am like a teenager again, this is all so new and exciting, and while I'm fucking terrified it's like the fear is only making it more exciting.

I feel like I would be more fucked in the head over this, if the person making me question everything wasn't Harry.

I'm waiting for when it all finally hits me, if it does, but till then I'm just riding the wave, taking each day as it comes and figuring myself out.

I'm still figuring out things between us, the feelings there, from his end and what he really wants from me.

All of those insecurities are still there, and I wonder if maybe, if he does feel that way for me that he's been too scared to say anything because of everything I'm going through with my sexuality, wondering if it would scare me away.

I mean, it would have freaked me out, if that were the case, but it wouldn't have scared me away from him, just like when he told me he was attracted to me.

I wouldn't put my own fears on him like that, I would've tried to work through it.

I'm the one that's scared they'll ruin everything, not him.

Finns been acting fucking strange the past couple days as well, keeps looking at me and Harry like you do when you wait in line and it's not moving fast enough.

I have no clue what's up with him.

He came over again today, giving me those strange looks again like he's busting to get something out, he honestly looks constipated.

We've all been sat down in the bar listening to music tonight, after we had dinner upstairs and Harry fondly referred to us as the three amigos.

I could of sworn Finn muttered under his breath 'and two of those three amigos need to hurry up and fuck each other'

I think that's what he said but I'm not entirely sure, wouldn't surprise me.

I've left Harry and Finn to their god awful dancing, and game of pool while Finn supplies himself with free drinks he's 'earned' apparently?

He won't tell me how, just keeps telling me that I'll find out.

But, I've gone into the office to sort through some paper work, trying to get ahead before we open the bar next week.

I've probably been in here a good hour before Finn storms in, slamming the door behind him.

I jump in my seat, snapping my eyes to him, looking confused as to why he just charged in.

"Are you okay?" I ask him confused.

He hiccups, before he points at me "I am so done with this shit"

OK so Finn is drunk and...angry? What's going on with him?

"What are you-"

"SHHH!" he hushes my loudly, slurring as he presses his finger to his lips "No talking, my turn"

"I have tried Joey" he begins, pacing back and forth like he's about to give a monumental speech "I have tried to let you and Harry figure this out on your own, just waiting, for you two to not walk around like two dipshit love birds, constantly smacking into each other and pretend it's not what it is"

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