Chapter 9

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Cass' POV:
We have been eating and talking for 2 hours when Gwen stood up.
"I've gotta go home to Ryhs now, good night see you guys tomorrow." She smiled and waved and we waved back.
"I'll join you out, I need to get home to." Tosh said and followed after Gwen.
"Bye, good night." She said while exiting the room. I got up and turned to Jack, wha was flirting with Ianto.
"I'm going to bed now, I'm tired." I said and they both turned to me.
"Good night Cass." Ianto said with a smile.
"Night sweetheart." Jack replied also with a smile before turning his attention back to Ianto.
"I'll join you out. Bye Ianto, bye Jack." Owen said and stood up, Jack any Ianto waved at him.

We walked in silence until we reached the stairs to the main area.
"So, how did you know about the Sontaran?" Owen looked at me with those perfect eyes. Stop thinking about his eyes and answer his question. Stop looking like an idiot!
"My father taught me about them, and many others as well." I replied and returned the smile.
"What is your father like?"
"At the moment, not entirely sure. But when I last saw him he was a man who could crack a joke in one second and be completely serious in the next. And he always gave second chances, no matter the crime. But only one, screw up that second chance and you're dead."
"Hm, better not end up in his bad side then." He joked and I laughed.
"Yeah, that's probably for the best." I laughed. When we reached the main area Owen stopped dead in his tracks.
"What is it?" I asked, but all he did was stare at the ceiling and point. I turned my gaze to where he pointed and froze as well.
"I'll get Jack." Owen said before turning and running back the way we came.
He returned shortly after with Jack and Ianto close behind.
"FRANK, you're okay!!" Jack yelled an looked up at the flying pterodactyl with joy.
"I guess he just needed some rest." Ianto said looking at Frank as well.
Jack looked down from the now healthy looking Pterodactyl and looked longingly at Ianto, and then his face lit up like he got the best idea ever.
"Owen, can I have a word?" Jack looked at Owen and he nodded before both of them walked into his office to talk.
"What do you think they are talking about?" I asked Ianto, who was still looking at Frank.
"Don't know, but I think Jack will tell you if it's anything about you." He smiled at me, Jack was one lucky guy to have Ianto. He was so sweet and caring, and I was happy for Jack. For every time they had been together, Jack looked happier than when he was alone. Jack and Owen came out of Jack's office, and Owen looked a bit happier than when he walked into the office.
"Cass, I have talked with Owen, and if you want, you can stay at his place tonight. I know that the HUB can be a bit boring for someone like you. So what do you think, does that sound okay?" So that's what they were talking about in the office, but why was Owen smiling like he did? Does he like me? Oh... they are looking at me. Answer you idiot! I mentally slapped myself before answering.
"Yes please, it would be nice to spend a night outside of that cramped bedroom of yours." I smiled pleased with my answer.
"Go pack some stuff for the night then, I'll wait for you here." Owen smiled at me, and I ran to Jack's office and opened the hatch to the bedroom under the floor. I grabbed a bag and packed a pj and some clothes for tomorrow. I also packed my a book that my father had bought me last time we were on Asgard, my phone and headphones and last but not least toothbrush, toothpaste and my hairbrush. I stuffed it all in my bag, except for my phone, that I placed in my pocket. I then climbed out of the bedroom, closed the hatch and walked out of the office.
"I'm ready." I said with a huge grin on my face, I was so ready to spend the night outside of the HUB.
"Great, see you tomorrow boss" Owen replied and Jack and Ianto waved us off.
Owen and I walked out in silence, not an awkward silence but a comfortable silence. Once we reached the outside Owen turned to me.
"Is it okay for you if we take a cab? I'm to lazy to walk tonight" He smiled and I couldn't help but smile back.
"A cab sounds like a good idea. I get enough exercise traveling with my dad."I replied, not wanting to walk that much myself. Owen only smiled more at my response and went to get us a cab, I followed after him and we got into a cab pretty quick.
"So, how do you get enough exercise from traveling with your dad?"
"Well, traveling with my dad is very exciting and I've seen a lot of different planets. We rescue civilizations, fight the enemies and run a lot, seriously, there's an awful lot of running involved."
"Sounds like to much exercise for me." Owen replied and started laughing, and his laugh being contagious, so did I.
"Here we are." Said Owen and payed the cab driver and we climbed out of the cab, before it drove off.

"Welcome to my humble home." He said with his arms stretched out. His place was amazing, the window in the living room had a wonderful view of Cardiff.
"It's beautiful." Was all I managed to get out. He just smiled at me and turned down a hallway motioning for me to follow, and I did. He stopped in front of a door and turned to me.
"Here is the spare bedroom you will be sleeping in tonight, my room is just across the hall." He said pointing to the door behind us.
"Thank you for letting me stay with you tonight, I really needed to get out of the HUB. Don't take me wrong, It's nice there and all. But I'm used to traveling with my dad or spending time on an island called Iceland, hiking or going for a ride on a horse. I'm not used to staying underground for days." I explained
"I get that." He said smiling.
"I would love to hear more about your life and all, but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow. It's getting pretty late." I looked at my phone and saw that it was getting late, it was almost 11.00 pm.
"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then. Good night." I smiled.
"Good night." I was about to turn and walk into my room when I realized.
"Where is the bathroom?"
"It's that door there" he replied pointing to the door at the end of the hall.
"Thanks, Good night Owen."
"No problem, good night Cass."
I opened the bedroom door and walked inside it was a plain and simple room, with a nice bed, a desk, a nightstand with a reading lamp and a wardrobe. I walked over to the desk and put my bag on the chair. I pulled out my pjs and the toothbrush and toothpaste and walked to the bathroom.
After finishing in there I walked back to my room and laid down on the bed, and took out my book.
It was about the history of Asgard, it was written in runes, but thanks to the TARDIS' translation matrix I had no problem reading it. I had also studied the runes so I was able to read them faster, the Translation matrix takes longer time with written word than a spoken word. Plus I wanted to learn.
I read for a while before sleep took over, I put the book on my nightstand and turned off the lamp and closed my eyes letting sleep take over.

AN:/ I am soo sorry for updating so slow, but I'm having a bit of trouble with writers block. Thank you for understanding.😊

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