Chapter Four

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"Hello?" Uraraka says. Nothing. Just her feet tapping against the floor.

Glass shatters. 'Sh*t.' She looks over the banister to see nothing but a broken window. She spins violently around and speed-walks towards the exit.


There is a door. Uraraka looks around and runs towards the door. She shakes it, trying to get it open. No use. It's locked. Turning around, she sees the female bathroom. It is open. Dropping her books and bag, her mind runs with all sots of ideas of what might happen to her. Her breathing gets heavier and her sides start to hurt.


She is sitting in a stall trying to cath her breah.

"My, My, My." Breathes a girly, evil voice. "Lookie what we have here!" Uraraka looks up. No ones there. She grabs the latch that is holding the door closed, and opens it.

'This may be the stupidest thing I have ever done. Ever.' Walking out, she trips over a.. a... 'Oh, No.'


Hello!! Sorry about the cliffhanger, I need to go out for the weekend!!

Word count: 170

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