Chapter 6

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Kenzie's POV

I have one small accident and Jess is now gone. Sure he was driving and sure I let him, but he didnt have to leave me. How could he leave me? I wasnt feeling school so I hopped on a bus to Hartford. Though once the bus stopped near Rory's school she got on the bus.

"Rory?" I question.

"Kenzie? What are you doing?" She asks as she say beside me.

"Im going to Jess. After we talked last night. I just have to see him." I say.

"Well after hearing about the conversation I wanted to yell at him and here we are." She says.

"Yeah... So we both ditched to go see a boy in New York." I say.

"Looks that way." She says.

After a long bus trip we were finally in New York and we found Jess.

"Well lookie here. Its two Gilmore Girls." Jess says.

"Jess you left without a goodbye. How could you do that?" I ask.

"Im sorry. You were unsafe with me there... Anyway lets get something to eat." He says.

He walked away and we followed him, but he avoided eye contact with me. He wouldnt even tell me why he really left. Though he took us to some record store and he wasnt talking to me. Maybe Rory is the one he likes.

"You know what I'll be outside." I say.

I walked out and I didnt know what Rory said to him, but he came outside as well.

"Kenz, Im sorry. I should have said goodbye. Called and made sure you were doing okay. I just saw you get into that ambulance and I knew it was my fault. I got you hurt. I dont think I could forgive myself." Jess says.

"Jess... You could have said goodbye to me, but you didnt. That hurt alot more then the accident." I say.

"Okay we need to go back." Rory says walking out.

Jess just looked at me and I just looked away. After the end of the trip we let our mother down. Now I promise her that I would never let her down again especially if it involves Jess.

Present Day

Luke called Jess two weeks ago and nothing. Though Im not surprised he has his own life now. I walked around Stars Hollow and everyone was looking at me and whispering. It was strange they havent been like this since word spread that I was pregnant. Though when I saw the gazebo on my walk I knew what the whispers and looks were about... Jess Mariano is now back in Stars Hollow.

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