chapter 1 | sophomore year

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A young kara danvers sprints down the flight of stairs and makes a sharp turn to the door, struggling to keep her blue backpack on her shoulders.
"I've never seen a 17 year old so stressed. Who are you trying to impress?" Her sister jokes from behind her.
"Obviously no one, alex. Do you see what I'm wearing?" Kara snarks, tightening her blonde ponytail.
"Lets see, short gym shorts, band t-shirt, messy ponytail? I'd say half the thirsty jocks in history class." Alex jokes with a ornery smile.
"Please, they all have horrible, trashy personalities. And you know I'm-"
"-You're not straight and oddly attracted to pans come on we'll be late for the bus." The young girl jokes as she rolls her eyes before barging out the front door.
Kara roll her eyes and chases after her sister, "For the last time, that's not what pansexual means!"

The girls arrive to midvale high, the first thing they do is stuff their books in their lockers right next to eachother. When they're greeted by mike Matthews. Fellow alien and kara's only matched opponent on the midvale wrestling team.
The boy greets them and immediately sticks out his hand as if he's receiving something. "Whatsup guys? I was wondering if uh.."
"Take your money and go, loser." Kara rolls her eyes as she slaps 5 dollars into the young daxamite's hand. He always expected lunch money from either sister.
"Thanks, kara. See you at P.E, partner in wrestling." He jokes.
"Oh it's not like i beat your ass every match." The young kryptonian adds sarcastically.

First period english class starts, and the friends sit at their regular desks.
"Hey man, how are you?" Mon-el greets his best friend Lincoln meyers as he sits beside him.
"Pretty good, besides the fact the seim team was late for the 3 consecutive week in the semester." The boy complains as he grabs his books from his backpack and slams them on his desk.

"Weren't you appointed to be captain?" The young alien asks confused.
"Yeah, by the coach only. No one wants to listen to the only supposedly successful black kid on the team. Coach ryan just felt badly i guess." He shrugs.
"Well, I'll beat them all up for you. have you seen these guns?" The brown haired boy jokes, flexing his arms.
"Yeah, careful or you'll pop a button off that henley of yours." Lincoln jokes,"now get your books out, you idiot."

After class, the danvers sisters meet in the hallway to get to lunch.
"So, how was english for you? My papers are still being graded." Alex sighs, jokingly nudging her younger sister.
"It was okay. Look who you're asking." Kara sighs.
"Oh yeah, your language is just a bunch of shapes, i forgot." The older girl smirks.
"Shh, Alex! Keep your voice down! As far as anyone knows, I'm just really, really strong." Kara whiapers, annoyed with her sisters teasing.
"Right, whoops." The girl smiles, knowing what she did bugged her younger sister.
"Oh, by the way. I saw a girl in class that, frankly, I've never seen before. You know, brunette, total school girl outfit?" Kara mentions whilst grabbing her lunch money out of her crowded locker.
"Ah, she's new. It's been going around. I hear she comes from a pretty rich-ass family." Alex says, stuffing her backpack in her locker for the time being.
"Why would such a sophisticated and wealthy kid be going to a average school like midvale high?" Kara asks her sister as she slams her locker.
"I have no idea. Maybe you could ask her after sparring practice, if she's not too shy." Alex suggests.

Kara and alex slap their trays onto a table and sit across from eachother in the cafeteria.
Whereas mike is a table across, sitting next to his friend since 3rd grade.

"Hey Lincoln, what are you drawing?" The teen asks his friend.
"It's called sketching, mike." The boy rolled his eyes, "And I'm sketching aliens."
"A-Aliens? Pfft, that green monstrosity is not what aliens look like." The daxamite scoffs at the sight of his friends attempt.
"Well, how would you know what they look like?" Lincoln asks with a confused look on his face.
"Uh- ugh, follow me." The boy gets up from his seat and throws away their lunch.

"Mike, what the hell are we doing in the locker room?" The young boy asks, looking around frantically.
"Just trust me." Mike says before punching a dent in a locker.
"So? You're hella strong, we knew that, you're number six on the top wrestlers in school." The young swim captain scoffs.
"Ok- no, watch." Mike says before picking up the same locker he put a dent in with one bare hand.
"You- uh that- what?!" Lincoln was confused, caught in the moment and speechless.
"You wanted to know how i know what aliens really look like? I am one." Mike says, before taking his glasses off. "Mon-el of daxam. mon, meaning mine. and el, kryptons holy name." The boy sticks his hand out to shake his best friend's,"Uh, and i know superman."
"NO, FUCKING, WAY." Lincoln yells.
"Hey! Hey, language man. And uh, keep this on the down-low." Mon-el says before dropping the locker in the same place it was.
"That's why you're so strong! And- and how come you always finish your homework faster than me. And-"
Mon-el thinks hard and counts on his fingers, "Okay, yes. Lets see, super-strength, i can leap really far, super-speed so i wouldn't be too good in bed. and uh, that's about it." He smiles.
"I won't tell anyone, i swear, uh- mon-el." Lincoln whispers, "should i still call you mike?"
Mon-el smiles, "Yes man, please do. It keeps me safe."

Kara went  into the girls locker room to get ready for practice with mon-el, when she spots someone who shouldn't be there.
"Hey! You're male, you're not supposed to be in here. School regulations." Kara yells across the room.
It was jeremy clayton, midvale highs resident bully, picking on someone,  "We don't need anyone like you here, boasting you're wealth. We're not as privileged as you. You're smart, get that through you're skull."
"Back off, clayton. Or would you rather be expelled?" Kara says pulling him off the girl.
"Oh, what are you gonna do?" He teases "You're only number four on the wrestling team."
Kara pushes him up against a locker by his shirt, lifting him off the ground. "I really hope you're not as stupid as you sound." She chuckles, "get out, or I'll make you."
He walked out with his hands up, practically freaking out, "Damnit! Okay!"

"Hey, are you okay? Jeremy clayton, he can be a real ass." Kara says before cracking her knuckles.
"Uh, i am now. I hope i didn't trouble you." The girl mutters.
"Oh, not at all. I just need to get ready for practice." Kara says as she picks up her gym bag. "Hey, i know you. Brunette from english class. You're quite the girl."
"Huh, no one else seems to think so." The brunette rolls her eyes.
"So, do you have a name new girl?" Kara asks with a friendly smile.
"Lena, lena luthor. Uhm, nice to meet you." The girl chuckles nervously as she picks up her backpack.

"Well, lena. I've got to get to wrestling practice. But, maybe i can get to know you better sometime." Kara smiles.
"I'd like that."

Authors note: hey guys, this fic is the start of something huge. I have great plans for future chapters. I hope you're enjoying this story so far. 💗

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