Drunk Ddeulgi Again

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Going out to the backyard, Seulgi speed walk over to the table with all sorts of alcohol. Moonbyul followed her to question her.

"What do you think you're doing?!!!" Moonbyul asked.
"If I can't tell her then maybe drunk Seulgi can!!!" said Seulgi as she was chugging a bottle of vodka.
"You're gonna get drunk again...." Moonbyul said taking a sip of a can of beer.

Half way through the bottle Seulgi grabbed the can of beer of Moonbyul's hand saying that vodka alone is not enough.

Minutes later.....

"MOONBYUL-AH!!!WENDY-AH COME HERE!!!!!!!" drunk seulgi said.
"Seulgi lower your voice down" said Moonbyul trying to calm Seulgi down.
"You guys will have to catch me then!!" said Seulgi as she started to run away from them.

Both Moonbyul and Wendy went to go chase her. Luckily, everyone else is in the house at the living room.

Seulgi was running so fast that it was difficult for the other two to catch her. Just as Moonbyul was catching up to Seulgi she fell. Then Wendy jumped over Moonbyul, throwing herself to Seulgi with caused them to fall to the ground.

"Hey have you guys forgotten.... I'm top one compared to you guys" said Seulgi as she put her fist up.

Moonbyul and Wendy stood up to brushed themselves and shrugged their shoulders and put their fist up as well. It was a two on one fight. The two were trying their best to not her Seulgi since she's drunk, but the purpose of the fight is to make her tired. This playful fight went by a couple minutes. Then Seulgi put both her hands up and to her knees to catch her breath.

"Okay I give up!!!! I'm tired.... YOU GUYS WIN!!! Can we just sit and have some beer before the night ends...."
"No Seulgi you're drunk and you're going home...." said Moonbyul.
"I'm calling Irene to come and get you" said Wendy as she walks away to go inside.
"You know you don't have to be drunk to tell her right!!" Moonbyul said as she brushed Seulgi clothes.
"I know but when?!?....." Seulgi said as she looks at Moonbyul.

Just as soon as Irene and Wendy went over to them Seulgi throws up on the ground in front of Moonbyul.
Moonbyul then taps Seulgi shoulders and looked over at Irene and said

"she's had a couple of drinks... I think you should take her home" as she hands Seulgi to Irene.
"We'll clean up the mess before we leave" said Wendy.

As they were walking over to the car, Seulgi started to flirt with Irene.

"Hi i'm Seulgi and you are?!?!"
"Be careful and watch your head" said Irene as she put Seulgi in the car.
"You're hot by the way" Seulgi winked.
Irene can't help but laugh at Seulgi as she tries to put on her seatbelt.
"Don't tell my girlfriend but wanna come over to my place"
Irene walks over to the driver seat and started the engine.
"I'm gonna take you home now and try to get some rest on the way!" Irene said as she brushed Seulgi's hair with her hand.
"Haha my name is Irene by the way and YOU'RE MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!"
"Hahahaha you're soo silly when you're drunk!"
"Ooo i'm not drunk!"
"that's something a drunk person would say!"
" I'm telling you i'm not drunk!!!"
"Hmmm okay, we're almost home by the way!"
"Wait we live together?!?!"
"Yeah!" Irene nodded.

A couple minutes later, they've arrived to the mansion.
Irene parked the car close to the door and went over to Seulgi side to open the door. She took Seulgi's arm and put it over her shoulders to support her to walk up the stairs. Seulgi was half asleep when they got in and up the stairs. Irene slowly laid Seulgi to her bed and took off her shoes. She then undressed Seulgi to put on some comfortable clothes and went to the kitchen to grab a bowl of water and a towel to clean up her up. All Seulgi did was smiled at Irene for taking care of her.

"You know you are such a big baby!!!" said Irene as she wipes Seulgi forehead.
"But you're my baby" Irene smiled.
"Hey...." Seulgi said with a sleepy tone in her voice.
"I miss you!" she said half asleep.
"I miss how you're always there whenever i'm in need"

Irene stopped wiping Seulgi to listen to her.

"Joohyun-ah please don't leave me okay?"
"Joohyun-ah i waited for you!!! but you never came!"
Irene was speechless to hear Seulgi call her by her korean name and how she's talking about the day she left without saying anything.
"You really did hurt me..." Seulgi pouted with her eyes closed.
"But i have to pretend not to..." Seulgi starts to whimper.
"I'm sorry..." said Irene as she went over to Seulgi's side and hugged her from behind.
"Shhhh...... From now on I want you to tell me whatever is bothering you okay! And i'm not leaving.Ever. I'm gonna make it up to you. Everything that you went through ever since the day I left, you'll never face anything alone anymore cause i'm here!!!"

Irene started to notice that whenever Seulgi is drunk, she seems to remember her past. She feels guilty after hearing how Seulgi felt and how it still bothers after all these year. And also she now feels obligated to make it up to Seulgi in order to be forgiven. But she has now plan on telling Seulgi the conversation they had that night.

The morning Seulgi woke up with another headache and she doesn't remember what happened last night so she decided to message the group chat with Moonbyul and Wendy.

YEA big time!!!!!!
Oh.god. what.did.i.do?!?!
You made up chased after you!!!!!!
I ate shit cause of you!!!!!
Did anyone see?
You're lucky no one saw!!!!
okay thank god!!! Is that all I did?!?! If i did anything stupid or something that would embarrass myself......
We had a small fist fight
Is that it?!?
Oh ... Ummm.... When you were making us catch you. I had to jump on you and I accidentally pulled you pants down.... But nice bear underwear btw!!!!🐻🐻
Hey wendy?!?
Make sure when you sleep tonight.. You sleep with one eye open!!!!!! If you ever tell anyone about that I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seulgi threw her phone across the room and sighed heavily.

"You okay?" Irene walked into the room with a tray of breakfast.
"Yea... I just have a headache."
"here let me feed you"
"hey i'm sorry for being such a burden. you could be doing other things that taking care of me..."
"I like taking care of you, besides your my girlfriend!" Irene smile.
" Soooo.... what do you want to do?!??" seulgi asked.
"i don't know. what do you wanna do?!?"
"hmmmmm..... let's go out?!?"
"Where to?"
"Wherever driving will take us!!!"

To be continued...

(I couldn't sleep so I decided to write a little bit

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(I couldn't sleep so I decided to write a little bit.....
but thanks for 5k reads guys! Good night!❤️)


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