Handcuffs pt2 // N.M

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he let out a sharp hiss, biting his lip as he looked at me up and down.  "w-what are y-you doing?" he questioned, his breath becoming heavy. it was finally kicking in, i gave him a quick peck on the lips.  "giving you the taste of your own medicine and returning the favor," i seductively whisper in his ear and smirk.  i move away from his face, i lie my head down on his leg close enough to make him feel aroused, his half erection right infront of my eyes.  the journey was still carrying on, rising to its peak. i never get used to his size, he does radiate A LOT of bde which is clearly proven of the monster infront of me, he knew it himself but i didn't wanna boost his ego.  "oh baby, you're already hard and i haven't even gotten to the good bit or even started," i giggled at how easy it was to turn him on.  "oh fuck", he moaned, still having a go at the handcuffs.  i look at him dead in the eyes while i gently trace my fingers around his member, making him hiss and bite his lip.  "what's wrong, nick?" i asked in the most innocent tone and smile as i saw his reaction to what i was doing, mixed with pleasure and pain he was eager for more. at this point i knew i was just about to cross line and make him go crazy.  "please don't tease me, baby. i-i want you to s-stop", he slowly let's out each word coming out after each breath, his voice was raspy and low. it was obvious to me how much control i had over him right now.  i gave him a look of confusion.  "i don't know what you're talking about? i'm simply giving you what you deserve." i reply, as my hand wraps around him slowly stroking up and down still keeping my eye with his.  he let out a raspy groan, he was breathing heavily while he tried to control his hips from rising.  "holy. fuck." his eyes rolled back cursing multiple times, still going at a slow pace knowing he liked it fast. it was quite difficult for me to cover all of it, but i still had pretty skilled hands.  "what is it that you truly want, papi?" i whispered in his ear biting it gently and then increase my speed a bit.  "i want those lips of yours wrapped around me." he was very sturn.  i slowly move my mouth closer to the tip but instead of doing what he asked i just stroking the tip gently, playing around with the pre-cum making him moan so deeply. i giggle at knowing how much this affected him.  "baby, please c'mon. let me have this put your mouth around it!" he cried, as his eyes rolled back slightly.  this was sensation to my ears so i stopped completely and moved away.  he didn't like it at all and he huffed, wanting my hands badly back on him. so instead to give him a little bit of something, i lean closer to his mouth and kiss him passionately.  he immediately responds back, kissing with great force, licking my bottom lip asking for an  entrance. so i parted my lips giving him access. both of us were moaning incessantly, i ended up grabbing his hair and slightly tugging on it.  he pulled away saying, "take them off me babe, i wanna feel you so badly." he mumbled against my lips. i grin widely but shake my head.  his manhood was at its very peak, the tip slightly spewing with warm, white liquid. i guess that passionate kiss triggered something inside of him. i then bit my lip and went back down.  i spread the pre-cum around feeling how wet he was getting, i knew i had completely control.  he hissed and grinded his teeth in response.  "what's wrong, baby? is everything okay?" i say softly and innocently while biting my lip.  "don't act stupid with me, you know what i want."  i tilt my head to the side and pout.  "hmm, i'm not quite sure i do but do please tell me." i responded, then i spread the pre-cum around again getting some on my finger bringing it to my mouth, locking my eyes with him and let it making a 'pop' sound after it entered my mouth.  "oh my fuckingg god", he let out.  "baby, you know exactly what i want. suck me off good", he slowly breathed out.  i pretended that i didn't hear him to fuck around with him even more, "hmm, i'm not quite sure i got that babe."  he sighs in frustration and licks his lips. "i want your fucking pretty mouth wrapped around my cock, i know you want it too." he said sternly, looking at me dead in the eye.  i still didn't do it, i wanted him to beg even more.  "baby, i can't go on like this i need it badly!" he exclaimed, trying to free himself from the handcuffs, but still failed.  "just let me feel your breath against me and your mouth wrapped around doing its magical wonders."  i waited for him to say that one word.  "pleasee."  i giggled, "your wish is my command."  i slowly started rubbing his huge member up and down, but gradually picking up the pace. wrapping my wet lips around the tip, sucking on it gently."  "holy shit, y/n", he moaned, as he thrusted his hips. hearing him moan my name was singing to my ears.  i take in more of him, all that i possibly could handle using my hand for the rest. i stuck my tongue out swirling it around, licking around him as if it was a lollipop. my head moved up and down, making my cheeks hollow, we both knew he wasn't gonna last long. i knew my lips could leave him at his peak in an instant.  now this time HE was the moaning mess under me.  i look up at him seeing the faces of pleasure, his eyes rolling back and him cursing under his breath.  "baby, i'm s-so close, i'm gonna come." he let out in between breaths and clear as possible.  he would never let me taste him, but i honestly loved the taste. he had a hint of sweetness that made it easier to bare.  i wanted to taste him.  i made my mouth become sloppier around his cock, to help him come quicker. the facial expressions were coming in heavy. he was almost there.  "ohhhh y/n!" he let out loudly, as he squirted hot white liquid into my mouth. i swallowed down the sweet and salty substance.  i removed my mouth leaving another 'pop' sound and licked my lips.  he was sweating heavy, beads of sweat formed on his forhead. his breathing was also heavy. i quickly unhooked the handcuffs and threw them to the side.  i rested my head onto his chest, i could hear his heart beating fast but eventually it slowed down. he started rubbing his wrists, it was red from when he kept struggling before he wrapped his arms around me.  "baby, that was amazing," he whispered into my ear and then kissed my forehead.  "we're doing that again, right?" he chuckled and then looked down at me and smirked.  i laughed and kissed his cheek, knowing he won't want to kiss my lips with his white liquid being on them.  "we'll see, nick, we'll see."

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