S&S {E.H} pt2

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Edwin was paralyzed standing at the door watching me. so much so that the piece of bread fell from his hand. I quickly grab my blanket and cover myself as best I can. "I can explain it" I said stuttering "I'm sorry-" from one second to another he has closed the door and it's on top of me kissing my neck. He keeps coming down from my neck slowly down to my waist. A small moan escapes my lips, as I'm excited to kiss him and make him mine
"You do not need to explain to me, I know what you want. Because I also want it" I grab his face in my hands and bring him close to my face. "Are you sure?" I ask in a whisper. full of lust and passion we kissed slowly. "More than ever" he got off me and quickly pulled down his pants
I could see a giant bulge between his legs, he knew that I wanted it. now. I approached him slowly and lower his boxers showing his erection. I look with eyes of desire, while lowering their boxers down to remove them completely. I put his member to my mouth and started to suck slowly. I spit it out and stroked it with my hand from the top of his dick down. I could feel it getting harder on my hand. I asked myself how it was possible? I put his dick to my mouth and began to suck slowly and I could hear him panting and I had just begun. with my mouth I sucked it and with the other hand I stroked it. He began playing with my titties while I deepthroated his dick. I could hear drowned screams from him.
Suddenly, He grabbed my waist and turned me around putting me into doggy position. With saliva on his fingers, he ran his fingers through my entrance and put one of them in. "Oh hell!" I Mumbled
He grabbed his cock in his hand and stroked it savagely looking at my ass.
Without doubt he entered in me making me scream "oh god! Yes!" He went in and out of me while I shouted his name "Edwin!" "what's my name?" "Edwin!" "No." "Daddy!" I shouted at what he answered by sticking his cock harder in me. He grabbed my waist and pounded me against him.
"Daddy! Fuck me harder!" I couldn't help but scream. His dick was so deep in me. "Make me cum daddy!" He removed one of his hands from my waist and grabbed my titty and squished it in his hands. Later on he grabbed my hair and pulled it. I loved it so much.
He pounded me against him again and again, I was about to cum. "Daddy! I'm about to cum!" "Yes, princess! Daddy is gonna make you cum! But not yet." He said in a low voice. He took his dick out of me leaving me with a feeling of emptiness inside. I wanted him to make me cum so badly! "Against the wall." He ordered me. I moved accordingly "I want you to face the wall." I got close to the wall and faced it. What is he doing? I turned to the wall and waited for him to explain to me what was happening. Sineto his cold hand climb up my back caressing it up my neck. He squeezed my neck lightly and Then grabbed my hair between his fingers. he got close to my neck, whispering he asked "is it okay if I do this?" to answer I moaned a yes. with his other hand he spanked my ass. "Harder daddy!" I shouted to Edwin. from one moment to another he pulled open my ass cheeks and entered in me. He was so big and fat inside my little pussy. for a slight second my eyes turned to the back of my head. He took it out and put it in. letting me scream while pulling my hair. He kept going in and out.
Suddenly he whispered into my neck "you are so wet! I wanna make you cum." I was ready to come on top of his big cock. one of his hands slid to my front. with his hand I look for my clit and began to massage it. "Ughhhhh" I moaned. I began to scream slightly more. "Oh daddy! I'm about to cum!" "Yes princess, cum for daddy!" He let go of my hair and choked me agains the wall. my body could not anymore. In a moment I felt a relief of pressure and I came on his dick. "Ohh princess you came! That's how I like it!" He pulled out of me and I went down on my knees and inserted his cock into my mouth. "Ahh..." he moaned. He put one of his hands on the back on my head and pushed it back and forth. I gagged on his dick and deep throated him. I suddenly felt something shoot down my throat. "I like making you cum daddy." I grab my chin and pull me up, kissing me slowly.

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