The next day, Elizabeth had two things to be thankful for

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The next day, Elizabeth had two things to be thankful for. The first, she hadn't been murdered in her sleep. And second, she could say goodbye to the Crapmobile for the next couple of days.

As Reuben promised, the next morning they were on route for Venice Beach – hitchhikers in tow. Elizabeth's long legs were squeezed up against the Crapmobile's front console. There wasn't much room to move her torso either. Not with Reuben driving and, the much smaller, Eden on her right. McKinley's wide-shoulders squished the girls together. They were so tight-fit that Elizabeth didn't think someone would be able to slide a piece of paper between them.

To her relief, their two and a half hour journey was coming to a close. While uncomfortable, Elizabeth couldn't deny that the trip had been every landscape photographer's wet dream. The Pacific Coast Highway is what Reuben called it. Long stretches of water, bluer than Eden's eyes, accompanied them on their adventure.

"We're here!" Eden pointed out the window towards a sign.

Elizabeth admired the vintage aesthetic. It reminded her of old Hollywood. The colourful shops lined the road-way. Sundresses and surfboards adding to the glowing displays.

"It looks better than I imagined it would," Eden said, scooting closer to the windshield. "The pictures just don't do it justice."

"They rarely ever do," Reuben said.

At a turtle's pace he pulled into a parking lot off of the main strip. Hordes of people were walking by, making maneuvering through traffic even more difficult. Elizabeth couldn't recall the last time she'd seen so many people in one place. It took them a few more minutes, but Reuben was finally able to secure a vacant spot.

"What's the plan?" Reuben said, putting the truck in park and killing the engine.

"Food?" Eden suggested with a coy smile.

McKinley extended his arm across the back of the seat. "You don't want to hit the beach first?"

"I won't be able to enjoy anything if my stomach is growling."

"Well," Elizabeth interrupted. "Whatever we decide to do, I need to get out of this truck – now."

The driver side door creaked open. Elizabeth scrambled out after Reuben, the lower half of her body feeling like jelly as she stepped down from the cab. Lifting her hands over her head, she breathed in a sigh of relief. The summer breeze sifted through her hair, drying the sweat on the back of her neck. Pulling her hair away from her neck she took a couple ginger steps towards the side of the Crapmobile.

McKinley tall frame appeared on the other side of the truck bed.

"How about we chill around here for a few hours? Then we can find a place to stay for the night," he said.

Reuben had both of his hands resting on the top of his head, fingers intertwined and biceps bulging. "I don't mind exploring for a bit. What about you, Biz?"

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