Free Me From the Sun (Yuichanzu) (TEASER 1.5/2)

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PART II (Kobayashi Side)

WARNING NOTE: To be honest I totally forget what the story details are except for mafia Yuichanzu with evil AkiP so please forgive me (;=;) Once I finish writing part II Yuipon's side, I'll delete this teaser chapter. For the most part, I don't think I'll be changing anything in what's here in the "teaser" (like 2.3k words) so be assured about that. I'll say something later if I do change anything- anyhow enough rambling and-

It had been cold that day. It had also been cold that day. The water on the ground freezing over into ice, utterly grey as if everything would drown away. Pitter. Patter. Pitter. Patter.

She seemed to hear the sound of the rain. She knew the sound of crying. Her hands were cold. That wouldn't have done as she still had a piece to play later for someone. Her breathing felt difficult.

Red? Why was that color in the corner of her eyes?

Excruciatingly cold, like needles stabbing into her heart, warm and soft, painful, comforting, like the sun, like the flames of hell—those feelings, she wanted to forget the feeling of love.

Yet, those chains continued wrapping around her throat.

A voice called out desperately, "Yui-"

Kobayashi Yui looked up at the clock, realizing that she had dozed off. A cold cup of coffee sat in front of her; the crime boss was at Hirate's cafe. Akimoto's efforts to wipe the Kobayashi group off the face of the earth were tiring the young crime boss.

She was desperately keeping the older criminal at a standstill. Yet, the infiltration of Akimoto's dirty poison continued.

Akimoto had murdered a man who had been giving funding to Kobayashi's group, and he was spreading some sort of new drug on the streets, setting the streets aflame with chaos.

Then, there was Imaizumi Yui. One week and a half passed since they had parted.

Kobayashi bit her bottom lip. The warmth of Zuumin's last kiss still lingered like a ghost. The echoes of her first and final words of reciprocating love would not stop. Surely Yuipon would have been happier if everything just ended as a pitiful illusion breaking apart; instead her heart was broken.

She was broken out of her thoughts by the sound of a cup being placed in front of her.

"Yuipon." Hirate set out a cup of hot chocolate while removing the cold coffee. "Hot chocolate."

Kobayashi forced out a smile as she took the cup, watching the sweet steam waft up. "Thank you."

"Do you want to sleep? We have an extra bed." Hirate offered, trailing off. "If it's difficult to sleep at home..."

"No, it's okay."

The short haired girl appeared as if she wanted to mention Imaizumi, but she could barely find the correct words to say as she looked at the haggard Kobayashi. "I'm so-"

"Don't." Kobayashi cut off Hirate's apology. "Not for her." The crime boss knew that the short haired girl would apologize for Imaizumi. After all, those two were friends. "Instead, could you tell me about her?"

Those two were friends; she and that person were little more than Tybalt and Mercutio.

Hirate nodded, "If you'd like. She's a moron, but I'm sure you already know."

"When it's all over, I want to talk with her again. Properly." Kobayashi murmured, picking up the cup of hot chocolate. The heat seemed to burn her fingers.

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