Chapter 55.

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"I know that no one's perfect and it's hard to change
But no one in this world has made me feel this way"


I fucked up.

I immediately regret this decision.

While it was fun at the time, and I felt smug and like I'd given him a taste of his own medicine, the anticipation of the repercussions from it, is what has me on edge.

He looked to me astonished when I tucked him back into his briefs, doing his pants back up and doing up his belt before sitting back in my seat feeling proud as punch with myself.

The reaction he had next is what was unnerving, I expected him to be annoyed, or frustrated like I was, however that wasn't it at all.

He looked back at the road still dumbfounded, like he was trying to process what just happened.

But once it seemed like he'd done that, my stomach fell to the floor when I saw the devious smile pull onto his lips.

It was sinister, and when he glanced at me, his eyes had the same look to them.

I did end up getting my ice-cream though, and whilst I sat there cheerfully lapping it, trying to enjoy a small victory, I regretted it when Harry looked to me thoughtfully.

"Is that good Abby?" he asked sweetly.

I looked to him cautiously, pausing my tongue against the ice-cream and nodded slowly.

He gave me a once over with his eyes, humming in acknowledgement as he looked back to the road and smiled to himself.

"Enjoy it then, you'd better hope that was worth it baby"

The warning tone in his voice set an uneasy pit in my stomach, and how calm he was being was only making it worse.

At the time, I wasn't really thinking about the fact I'd just figuratively whacked a hornets nest with a baseball bat, but I'm thinking about it now and I really didn't think the consequences through.

The fact he's acting like nothing happen is only making my nerves worse, it's like I can literally see Mr.Burns from the Simpsons sitting there plotting in his head going 'eeeexcellent'.

A negative reaction is no where near as taunting as no reaction at all, it's like a calm before a storm and I'm waiting for the thunder to crack.

My anxiety only grew when I noticed we were driving out in the country, and when we turned down a dirt road, if I didn't trust Harry the way I do, I could of sworn I was about to end up like a character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

We ended up stopping at a fenced off field, literally in the middle of nowhere.

Harry only gave another sweet smile to my confused face, when he got out to open the gate on the property and continued to drive down the dirt path until we finally came to a stop near some trees.

Where the hell are we?

I mean, the field is beautiful, it's filled with flowers and the trees are beautiful and plush but I have no clue why he's brought me here.

Harry unbuckles his seatbelt, grinning at me as he gets out of the car "Come on little mouse, didn't bring you all the way out here so you could sit in the car"

I eye him, slowly undoing my belt and getting out of the car. I watch as he walks around to the trunk and follow him.

I watch with apprehension as he opens the trunk, I don't know why, but for some reason I'm half expecting there to be a shovel and some rope in there.

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