Chapter 3

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This Chapter gets a little darker than usual. Nothing too bad mainly just suggestions and talk, nothing truly bad actually happens. So don't be to nervous. Just warning you things will be a quite bad for our Dawn and her family.

Warnings: Mention of slavery, allusion to sexual assault.

The sun was setting behind us and a once beautiful sight was only adding to the worrying image before us.

I sat squashed between Caspian and Edmund, Caspian's hand gripping mine so tightly that I was beginning to lose feeling, but I didn't ask him to let go or even to loosen his grip. Everyone was nervous and cautious of what was ahead in the unknown.

Everything looked run down and crumbling, completely deserted of all life except that of flocks of birds that swooped over head. I glanced over my shoulder to where Lucy and Eustace were sitting further back in the same longboat as us, Lucy gave me a strained smile, she was nervous too.

When the boats finally hit the land Reepicheep exclaimed excitedly which did not make me feel any better, "Onward, the thrill of the unknown lies ahead!"

Caspian helped me out of the boat onto land while Edmund got out himself and Lucy was helped out by one of the crewmen.

"Couldn't this have wait 'til the morning," complained Eustace.

"There is no honor in turning away from adventure, lad!" scolded Reepicheep.

"Listen," exclaimed Lucy.

We all stopped to look at her. A sudden coldness over took my entire being and I hurriedly began to rub my arms to heat myself up, forcing my magic to raise my temperature but it didn't seem to do much good, the cold only grew as well. I didn't like it.

"Where is everyone?" asked Lucy.

I shared a look with my siblings before tugging on the sleeves of my shirt and moving up next to Caspian quickly. I felt safer at his side.

"Come on, Jellylegs!" I heard Reep exclaim, obviously to Eustace as a second later I heard him state, "I am perfectly capable of doing it myself" followed by a thud and a muffled 'uff'. Eustace had fallen when getting out of the boat.

"And you're certain, he is related by blood?" asked Caspian in disbelief as he stared back at the boy who was gathering himself up off the ground on shakey legs.

"Unfortunately," I replied with a sigh as I removed my staff from its holdings and gripped it tight in my hand. Caspian nodded at my action and removed his crossbow from its place over his shoulder and began to walk a little more carefully into the city.

Before we got very far, a loud bell rang out from the center of the city alarming us and causing us all to jump in surprise. Caspian raised his crossbow just in case, while I took a firm hold of my staff in both hands. My staff was not only useful for magical fighting but it was a great weapon by itself if you trained in how to use it properly, not to mention being able to shapeshift into other deadly weapons at will, but this was not the most useful in the case of sudden attacks, as it took a few seconds for the staff to change.

Caspian nudged me with his elbow, "stay close to me, no matter what." I nodded, hearing the seriousness of the situation in his tone.

"Reepicheep," he called, "stay here with Drinian and his men, we'll move on."

We began our way up a ramp that we hoped led further into the city, Caspian and Edmund in the lead, with Lucy and I following, Eustace straggling behind.

"If we don't come back by dawn," he glanced in my direction, "send a party."

It grew darker with every second that past and every step we took further into the city. Not a sign of life and not a single sound was heard other then the loud footsteps of Eustace from the very back of the group.

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